Language courses abroad: a great experience!

Our language courses abroad are organized in more than 131 accredited schools around the world. By studying in the country where the language is spoken, you can quickly improve your conversation skills in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian or Chinese.

We offer language courses abroad for students from all backgrounds, ages and nationalities. With courses for adults, juniors, families, professionals, 50+  students, 30+ students, teachers and much more, we′re sure we have something that suits you! We even arrange special language stays for school groups. Whatever your goal or motivation is, we can certainly arrange a suitable language course for you!

All our language courses abroad are flexible programs suitable for all ages and levels of knowledge (from beginner to advanced level), which you can join any Monday of the year, for as long as you want (from one week to a full year).
By choosing any of our language courses abroad you will have a total immersion experience in the language and culture of the country, essential elements to achieve your goals.

All our language courses abroad offer flexible programs suitable for students of all ages and language levels (from beginner to advanced level). With start dates for courses on every Monday across the year, programs are very flexible and you can study for any duration, from one week to a full year.

By choosing any of our language courses abroad you will receive a total immersion experience in the language and culture of the country you visit, which will be essential in supporting you to achieve your goals.

Explore the world, make friends from different countries and prepare yourself for a better future, open to global opportunities. Book your language course now and expand your horizons with StudyTravel!

Family courses

Language courses aborad for the whole family: children and parents learn a language together!

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Popular destinations

Language courses abroad: Malta

One of our most popular destinations to take a language course abroad is Malta. Adults and juniors can learn English in Malta and have a full immersion experience. Malta offers a long summer that lasts until November and beautiful beaches to enjoy your free time. You can start every Monday of the year with one of our adult English courses in Malta to give a definite boost to your fluency.  During the summer, we have a good number of English courses for juniors in Malta with many activities and very fun and dynamic classes. Also very popular is our family programme where you can take a language course with all family members together.

Language courses abroad: Sevilla

Everything you imagine when thinking of Spain, you will find here: sunshine, flamenco, narrow streets, small bars, a colorful streetscape etc. Learn Spanish in Seville has it all! In March and April, even more, when the Semana Santa and the Feria are celebrated. Two great feasts which are nowhere experienced as intense and exuberant as in Seville. That is why this is one of our popular destinations to learn Spanish in Spain. The minimum age is 17 years and the language school offers very interesting 50+ courses. If you decide to learn Spanish in Seville, you will definitely have a great time!

Language courses abroad: the best destination?

There are many popular destinations, but what is the ideal destination for you? To find that out, it is important to know what the objective is of your language trip. What do you expect? We can help you to find the perfect destination for you amongst our programs. You can find all the information on our website, and recommend you to use our search tool. Still not sure, please do contact us for a personal advice. One of our language travel advisors will be happy to help you find the perfect course for you. If you want, you can make an appointment for a Skype interview and we can talk about all the aspects of your language trip.

Special offers

What better way to start your language course than with a discount? Please check out our Special Offers section for a special offer for the language course of your choice.

Language & Sports

How about combining your language course abroad with your favourite sport? At a lot of destinations we offer the combination of Language & Sports.


Looking forward to taking a language course abroad, but do you still have a lot of questions? Have a look here or contact us, we are happy to help you!

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