Language courses abroad for students 30+

Do you want to learn a language exclusively with students aged 30 and above? We provide a wide range of courses exclusively for students from 30 years or above. This enables you to focus on the language on a more mature level and to interact with people of your own age!

Destinations to take a 30+ course abroad

Please have a look at the destinations where we offer 30+ courses, listed according to language and destination. Choose between English, French, Spanish, German, or Italian and improve your language skills with other students of your age!


ENGLISH: PortsmouthTorquay

FRENCH: NiceAntibes


Please note the 30+ courses are exclusive language programmes with a more professional focus than the regular intensive courses. This is also reflected in the price of the courses.

Intensive language courses for students aged 30 or above

The 30+ courses in general focus mostly on speaking abilities and include extra personal attention, like in Portsmouth, where you can combine your 30+ course with cultural activities or add an executive lunch with the teacher ot practice your conversational skills.

Contact us for a personal quote and advice about which destination will be most suitable for your 30+ programme!

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