Language course English in Portsmouth

LSI Portsmouth

Our partner school in Portsmouth, LSI, obtains quite a large building with over 55 classrooms. The location is great – in the city center in midst of the University Campus – which is very beneficial to get to know students from all over the globe and also to practice the language. Furthermore the neighborhood is full of shops, cafés and bars which are mainly visited by students.

Key features of our partner English school in Portsmouth:

  • Accredited by the British Council & English UK
  • 55 fully equipped classrooms
  • High qualified teachers
  • Small student groups
  • A broad mix of nationalities
  • Self-study rooms
  • Cafés and recreational centers
  • Language lab and library
  • WLAN throughout the entire building
  • Computer room with Internet access

Minimum age: 18 years

Leisure activities

Besides school activities, we also offer trips to pubs, the theather and cinema. Sport activities like tennis, soccer, squash, swimming, sailing and windsurfing are also part of the program.
On the weekends the school also organizes day trips to destinations like Bath, Cambridge, Oxford Cambridge or London. Moreover, students can participate at University programs and clubs at a small fee, which is a great possibility to get in touch with English students.


The Intensive English course in Portsmouth concentrates on grammar in a communicative and practical context in the first few lessons and then puts the focus on conversation and hearing during further lessons. During the lessons you have the possibility to improve your vocabulary and pronunciation. The course consists of 22 lessons.

Minimum age is 18 years.

Intensive 30+

This General English course is exclusively for adults aged 30 years and over; you will learn English with people your age in the south of England with one of the top language schools in the UK! The programme consists of morning classes (15 lessons of 60 minutes) with optional afternoon electives (10 extra lessons per week). It is a very flexible course so you can choose the option which best suits you, your language needs and your personal preferences. Whether you want to have English lessons in the morning and enjoy free afternoons, or if you want a more intensive, full-time course or a course which combines language learning with British Culture; it’s all possible. The morning classes of 15 hours per week focus on communication with opportunity for practice.  30 + students will have the option to join our Executive students for accompanied lunch with teachers (against supplement) and as a special privilege of this course, they enjoy access to the recently-refurbished “Executive lounge” with free tea and coffee facilities!

Minimum age is 30 years.

Combined 30+

The Combined course for students aged 30 or above is a combination of the Core Intensive 30+ course of 15 lessons, plus 5 private lessons per week. This way, you can work on the topics and problems one-on-one with a teacher, making sure your progress is even more efficiently!

Minimum age is 30 years.

Intensive & culture 30+

This course for students aged 30 or above is a combination of the intensive course with 15 lessons and 4 cultural activities (Monday to Thursday) with an accompanying teacher. Examples of activities are:
•    Visit to one of the best museums in the UK; the Historic Dockyard Museum
•    Visit a vineyard for tasting
•    Visit a monastery to experience the life of a monk
•    Enjoy Queen Victoria’s favorite holiday home
•    Osbourne House
•    Discover Roman England and the lasting influences of the Romans today
•    Take a boat trip around Portsmouth Harbour
•    Visit Portsmouth City Museum and Charles Dickens birthplace Museum
•    Visit the Isle of Wight by hovercraft
•    Visit Portchester Castle (one of the most complete Roman Castles to be seen in Europe)

Please note this course has specific starting dates, which may be subject to change, as there must be a minimum of 2 students for a Culture week to take place.

Minimum age is 30 years.

Commercial English

The course is a combination of the general English Intensive Course and Business English. The program has 25 lessons per week, which consist of 12.5 lessons of general English plus 12.5 lessons of Business English. The Business English groups are quite small and consist of up to 4 students.

The Business English Course is meant to improve communicative skills in various professional, entrepreneurial and commercial areas and teaches the language of meetings, negotiatons, presentations, business transactions, phone calls, socialization, fax, email, letters and report forms.

Minimum age is 25 years.

Cambridge Exam

The exam preparation course for Cambridge consists of 22 lessons per week and prepares for CAE. The program is entirely focused on the exam preparation, for which a book with all exam relevant content is used. The duration of the program is 8 weeks.

The school also offers a CPE and FCE exam preparation course. Both courses start any Monday, but consist of 12,5 hours of General English + 5 or 10 hours of individual classes. Please contact StudyTravel for more information. 

Click here for more information on the Cambridge Exam.

Minimum age is 18 years.


The school has one of the best reputations in England when it comes to the preparation for the IELTS exam with professors that are real experts in this field. For that matter they even teach with self-provided course materials. The course consists of 22 lessons per week which are entirely devoted to exam preparation. 

The lessons are very intensive and are nearly entirely devoted to acquiring the skills and knowledge necessary to pass the exam. The professors constantly obeserve the progress of the students, especially their ability to write and understand. Students receive homework on a regular basis in order to improve aspects relevant for the exam. Moreover, the school is an official examination center of IELTS, meaning that the exam will be taken in the same building. 

Click here for more information on the IELTS exam.

Minimum age is 18 years.

Minigroup Combined for professionals

This option combines 12,5 hours of small group lessons (minigroup with maximum 4 participants per class) with 12,5 hours one-to-one lessons. The private lessons (in the morning concentrate on the individual’s specific language difficulties and specialist vocational vocabulary; the afternoons (in minigroups) focus on communication and intercultural exchange with participants of different nationalities and commercial backgrounds in the context of professional situations – presentations, meetings, negotiating, leading an international team, intercultural awareness in working environments.
This programme is for those who want to improve communicative performance in a wide range of professional, business and commercial contexts or for trainees with a lower-intermediate level or above.

Minimum age is 25 years.