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From our International office, we organize language courses abroad for individuals and groups in collaboration with our head quarters in the Netherlands. We have a very professional and motivated team specialized in the organization and supervision of our current programmes abroad.

It is our pleasure to offer our professional support and advice, therefore, please feel free to ask us any questions and we will provide you with a positive and prompt response.

Please, e-mail us at or call (FREE from the UK: 0808-2348578 or FREE from the USA: 1-866-864-4489). From any other country: +34 952 294665. 

For your convenience, answers to many frequently asked questions are always available by selecting a subject below:


Can't find the answer to your question? Please contact the StudyTravel team by providing some tiny details like destination, duration, dates and also if you need accommodation for the programme you are interested in. Of course, you can ask any other questions you may have and we will reply as soon as possible!!!

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Cathy, Valencia