Planning in advance to reserve the course and accommodation what you wish to take is crucial when it comes to language courses, especially in university cities. In order to make a reservation, you will need to fill out a reservation form online and we will process your booking.

Please bear in mind that by completing our booking form, you agree to the terms and general conditions. This implies that you are committed to payment of the invoice for the requested services.

Please, read the following complete information about how we will process your booking. We are confident that you will find all the information that you may need.

Payment options & Schedule

An invoice/ confirmation will be sent to your e-mail 24-48 hours approx. after your online booking (excluding weekends and bank holidays). The e-mail will include the invoice in PDF with our bank details for an international bank transfer* as well as a link for a secure credit card payment**. Of course, you are free to use either of this two method of payment. 

Please, don't purchase your flights before receiving our invoice-confirmation by e-mail!

When should you pay for your language programme?

-Up to 6 weeks before departure: a €200 / $300 / £150 deposit must be paid within 7 working days from the receipt of the invoice. If the total amount due is €2000 / $3000 / £1500 or more, then the deposit will be 10% in stead. The remaining amount needs to be paid 6 weeks before departure to the destination, without reminder on the part of our organisation. For all payments, you will need to use our invoice number.

At the time of the online booking, you can choose to pay your deposit either by bank transfer* or credit card**.

-Less than 6 weeks before departure: If the course is booked less than 6 weeks before departure, than the full amount must be paid immediately as soon as you receive our invoice- confirmation. For all payments, you will need to use the invoice number.

At the time of the online booking, you can choose to pay the full amount either by bank transfer* or credit card**.

Attention: if the participant needs an acceptance letter to apply for a visa, the full amount of the programme + courier fees (if this service is needed) must be paid as soon as the invoice has been issued. Our normal cancellation fees will be applied if the visa is not granted as stated in our general conditions

In the case that you have requested extra nights when making your booking (before the Sunday of arrival or after the Saturday of departure) these will be included in the invoice. Junior programme might have different arrival and depature dates which are stated on our online price lists. 

*Bank transfer payment
You will be responsible for paying all bank charges incurred for this transaction. These fees depends on your bank arrangements.

**Credit card payment
In the case of payment by credit card, an extra 2% of the total amount will be added due to charges/ bank commission costs. 

After paying for the course.

10-7 days before departure, you will receive a travel information email which will contain details of your course, accommodation and other useful information. However, this time frame is an estimate as, especially in busy periods, it can occur that the respective travel documents will be sent only a few days prior to the commencement of travel. If your booking is too close to the departure date, then you will receive your travel information as soon as possible after paying the total amount.

Your travel information only will be sent after complete payment of the language programme you booked. 

In case you need an acceptance letter for a visa

We recommend having at least a 90 days gap between a visa application and the start of the course, as the application process takes a different amount of time depending upon the particular embassy. For courses which require visas, we follow this procedure:

  • When registering via our online form, note the following in the ‘remarks’ section: "please, send letter of acceptance"
  • You must pay the total amount of the programme including postal charges (if these are needed) as soon as you receive our invoice-confirmation
  • StudyTravel will send a letter of acceptance from the school to the client within a period of 72 hours (3 days)

Note: StudyTravel provides all the necessary support to help their students during the process of obtaining a visa, providing all the necessary documentation on our part if necessary. It is the student and not StudyTravel who is responsible for managing the visa application process with the corresponding embassy.

Programmes in the USA

Anyone who travels without a visa to the United States or who makes a stopover in the United States is obliged to register with the U.S. government under the programme ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization). You need to register at least 72 hours before your trip to the United States via the website https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov. The registration fee is approx. $14,- (€10.50). Payment needs to be done by credit card. The registration remains valid for two years or until you get a new passport. After 2 years or when you have a new passport, you can register again. For the latest information, see http://www.cbp.gov/esta.

There are 2 possibilities to enter legally to USA:

a) If you book a programme of less than 18 clock hours per week (NOT LESSONS). Students who are from countries which are part of the US Visa Waiver Programme and are taking a language course of less than 18 hours per week (i.e the intensive 20 lesson course) are able to travel to the US without a visa, provided that they only stay for 90 days or less, possess a biometric passport and register online through the ESTA system. Upon request, we can send to you a visa waiver letter.

b) If you book a programme of more than 18 clock hours per week (NOT LESSONS), you will need a visa. After you pay at least the deposit of the programme, we will send the I-20 form to apply for this visas. According the USA law, in order to issue this document it is mandatory to provide by e-mail to info@studytravel.com the documentation as follows:
- A clear copy of your valid passport
- A bank account statement in English not older than 60 days with a minimum of 3,500US dollars of funds on it. If you are not able to provide this account statement, it is also valid an affidavit of support (Financial letter of guarantee) as per student, signed by the sponsor / guardian (for ex. student’s parent).
- Address to where we need to send I20 documents
If you would need this document by post, postal fees will be charge and they are NOT REFUNDABLE IN ANY CASE as well as other items that the school might charge for this document.
We strongly recommend you to arrange this appointment sufficiently in advance to avoid inconveniences. Please, contact with the Embassy of USA in your country to get more information about the appointment and other document you might need.

If you need to change the dates of your programme, modification fees will be applied (€50 / $65 / £45) and these are not refundable in any case.
2) Students from countries not part of the Visa Waiver Programme. If you are going to the U.S. primarily for tourism, but want to take a short course of study of less than 18 hours per week, you may be able to do so using a visitor visa. You should inquire at the appropriate U.S. Embassy or Consulate. In such a case, we will inform accordingly how to proceed with the programmes which need a VISA.

Flight details

Our organisation will remind you to send us your flight details on several different occasions (with the invoice and travel information). You will need to provide us with these details before you depart so that we can give them to our partner school.

StudyTravel Languages is under no circumstance responsible for the inconvenience caused by either the voluntary or involuntary failure to provide flight details, nor the accuracy of the information provided by the client. 

Programme Changes

All amendments need to be sent to us in writing at least 6 weeks before the start of the programme and are subject to a €35 / $50 / £30 charge per person, per amendment. Amendments requested within 6 weeks before departure are on request. Changes regarding destination, course type, dates, accommodation, or a cancellation of any of the booked items may be considered as a full cancellation of the programme according to our general conditions. 

All amendments need to be sent to us in writing at least 6 weeks before the start of the programme and are subject to a €35 / $50 / £30 charge per person, per amendment. Amendments requested within 6 weeks before departure are on request. 
Changes regarding destination, course type, dates, accommodation, or a cancellation of any of the booked items may be considered as a full cancellation of the programme (see article 2)



Can't find the answer to your question? Please contact the StudyTravel team by providing some tiny details like destination, duration, dates and also if you need accommodation for the programme you are interested in. Of course, you can ask any other questions you may have and we will reply as soon as possible!!!

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