Terms and General Conditions StudyTravel

1-Enrolment and payment 

1.1- These terms and general conditions are a legal agreement, applicable to your reservation from the precise moment you complete our booking form online, by telephone, in writing, or in person at our offices. By completing our booking form, you agree to the terms and general conditions set out below. This implies that you are committed to payment of the invoice for the requested services (language course, accommodation, other travel products). Your booking will be processed according to the following terms and general conditions:

1.2- A deposit of €200 / $300 / £150  is required, per participant for bookings made more than 6 weeks before the course is due to start. If a programme costs €2000 / $3000 / £1500 or more, the deposit is 10% of the total cost. The balance of the fees is due no later than 6 weeks before the start of the course. The deposit is non refundable and the cancellation fees given below apply accordingly (please, see “cancellation by the student”). However, if the participant needs an acceptance letter to apply for a visa, the full amount of the programme + courier fees (if this service is needed) must be paid as soon as the invoice has been issued

1.3- Deposit must be paid within 7 working days after receiving the invoice confirmation. If the deposit is not received our cancellation fees apply accordingly (please, see “cancellation by the student”)

1.4- Full payment is required at the time of booking for reservations made less than 6 weeks before the programme is due to start. If the full payment is not received our cancellation fees apply accordingly (please, see “cancellation by the student”)

1.5- StudyTravel reserves the right to cancel the programme if any payment has not been received on time. The cancellation will be made after sending some reminders for payment. 

1.6- Charges are sometimes made for course materials, examination fees and excursion /activity fees. Seasonal surcharges may also apply to certain courses of types of accommodation. Please see our price list for details. 

1.7- All bank expenses will be your responsibility. In the case whereby the bank charges us with a commission, we reserve the right to charge the client with this amount on your arrival. 

1.8- Due to changes in currency rates, we may change our prices, if necessary. However, no change will be applied to the price of the course once full payment has been made. 

1.9- Failure to pay any amount invoiced (deposit, remainder amount or total amount) does not imply an automatic cancellation of the reservation and, if this occurs, cancellations fees will be applied. All cancellation must be made in writing and the following cancellations fees will be applied: 

2-Cancellation by the student 

2.1- Cancellation must be made in writing (via e-mail to info@studytravel.com) to StudyTravel. The day that the notification is received in writing by the StudyTravel office is the official cancellation day and the cancellation provisions laid out below will apply.

The deposit is non refundable and its payment is obligatory at all times after receiving the invoice-confirmation. Failure to pay any amount invoiced (deposit, remainder amount or total amount) does not imply an automatic cancellation of the reservation and, if this happens, cancellations fees will be applied. Furthermore, all airline tickets and other travel products (train, bus tickets, insurance) are inflexible, which means that 100% cancellation charges apply and the costs are non refundable.

2.2- All cancellations incur a loss of deposit + any non-flexible travel products, the following charges apply and are payable to StudyTravel by the student:

a) Cancellation up to 6 weeks before the start of the course: loss of the deposit + any non-flexible travel products. 

b) Cancellation between 6 and 4 weeks before the start of the course: 30% of the total amount of the programme + any non-flexible travel products. 

c) Cancellation between 4 and 2 weeks before the start of the course: 50% of the total amount of the programme + any non-flexible travel products. 

d) Cancellation between 2 and 1 week before the start of the course: 75% of the total amount of the programme + any non-flexible travel products. 

e) Cancellation between 1 week before the start of the course: 100% of the total amount of the programme + any non-flexible travel products. 

2.3- After a programme has started, there is no refund for any course, accommodation or other product booked.

2.4 - StudyTravel reserves the right to take all necessary actions to ensure that our students pay the above mentioned cancellation fees including legal measures.

3-Students applying for a scholarship abroad.

3.1- StudyTravel provides all the necessary support to help their students during the process of obtaining a scholarship, providing all the documentation on our part if necessary. However it is the student and not StudyTravel who is responsible for managing the scholarship application process with the corresponding organisation. All documentation will be sent once the whole amount has been paid. 

3.2- there will only be a refund if the scholarship is not granted (only upon presentation of the letter of refusal from the corresponding organisation). However there is no refund if the student has not submitted the correct documents on time. Furthermore if the letter of refusal is received later than 6 weeks before departure, no amount will be refunded. 

3.3- StudyTravel will refund the money within the 30 working days (only upon presentation of the letter of refusal on time and bank details) 

3.4- StudyTravel reserves the right to charge administration cost (€50 / $65) if the client cancels or modifies the booking.

4-Travel information and documentation 

4.1- About 10-7 days before departure, the student will receive a travel information email which will contain details of the course, accommodation and other useful information. 

4.2- The student is the only responsible for obtaining all necessary travel documentation before departure, such as a valid passport and visa.

4.3- StudyTravel will supply the necessary documentation for students to obtain a visa, but is not responsible for a Consular / Embassy authority decision whether to not to issue a visa. It is the student´s responsibility to allow sufficient time to obtain a visa.

4.4- If the participant needs an acceptance letter to apply for a visa, the total cost of the programme + courier fees (if this service is needed) must be paid as soon as the invoice is issued. Our normal cancellation fees will be applied if the visa is not granted (please check the section called “Cancellation by the student” on this document) 

5- Under 18 students

Language adult programmes are not supervised. However, parents of students under 18 years of age participating in an adult programme must sign a authorisation form. By signing this document, parents agree to release of liability StudyTravel, the school and the host families.  

6-Accommodation and extra nights 

Accommodation is usually allocated from the Sunday before a course starts until the Saturday after it finishes. Extra nights can be arranged according to availability and for an additional fee.  Extra nights will be shown separately on the invoice/confirmation. There is normally a limit of 3 extra nights, after which an extra week price will be charged. Discounts cannot be given to students spending less than 6 nights in their accommodation.

7- Activities and excursions 

Information about activities and excursions offered at our website and in our travel information should only be used as a guide and not as an accurate list of events. Please contact StudyTravel if you require specific information about any of the activities.

8- Missed lessons

8.1- There will be no classes on public holidays. Therefore, if a public holiday falls on a day or days during which a student is attending a course, they can expect to not receive lessons on that day. We have tried to indicate in our price lists the days on which public holidays fall. However, the public holiday dates that we provide at our websites are subject to alteration by national and local authorities and should only be used as a guide. Furthermore lessons schedule should be also used as a guide and therefore subject to changes. 

8.2- Lessons may be missed due to level testing and initiation activities on the first day of a course. In some schools, only the first lesson will be lost and in others a large part of the day may be dedicated to welcome activities. Lessons may also be lost at the end of a course due to evaluation tests. There will be no recuperation or refund of classes missed for the above reasons, unless otherwise stated. 

9-Changes to booking 

9.1- Students may, at the discretion of StudyTravel, change details of their reservation in writing (via e-mail to info@studytravel.com), provided that StudyTravel receives notice from the student at least 6 weeks before the start of the course. It is not possible to amend or postpone a course after the date on which a student is due to move into their accommodation or start their course.

9.2- All amendments need to be sent to us in writing at least 6 weeks before the start of the programme and are subject to a €35 / $50 / £30 charge per person, per amendment. Amendments requested within 6 weeks before departure are on request. 

Changes regarding destination, course type, dates, accommodation, or a cancellation of any of the booked items may be considered as a full cancellation of the programme (see article 2)

9.3- Last-minute amendments will be not issued (please, see “cancellation by the student”)

9.4- If a student is unable to attend the course they have reserved because they are found not to have the appropriate language level after completing the initial level test, StudyTravel will offer a suitable alternative after consultation with the school. In cases where there are insufficient numbers to run a group class, a reduced number of individual classes may be offered or the course may be offered at another school of similar standard.

9.5- StudyTravel will do its utmost to provide the arrangements that have been confirmed, but it must reserve the right to modify or cancel (any part of) the student´s programme for reasons of force majeure occurring just before starting or during the programme.

10- Our expectations 

10.1- Students, and those accompanying students, are expected to behave in a courteous manner and to respect fellow students and staff. The illegal use of drugs, alcohol abuse and inconsiderate behaviour is considered unacceptable. StudyTravel reserves the right to withhold courses and school accommodation from any student violating school regulations or generally behaving in an offensive manner towards others.

10.2- StudyTravel reserves the right to send home, without escort or refund, any participant violating the terms of this article. The return trip will be at the expense of the participant or their family.

10.3- In the case where damages are caused to third parties, all the expenses claimed from StudyTravel that originate from the above-mentioned incident will be charged to the student, who will have no right to later claims.


11.1- If students feel they have genuine reason for complaint, they should mention this to the designated people of the school or contact StudyTravel in writing. We will then respond to all reasonable complaints and we will do all we can to resolve any problems whilst the student is still attending the course. 

11.2- We will not be able to respond to complaints made to StudyTravel after the student has finished its course, unless the school and StudyTravel were notified of this complaint whilst the student was still attending the course and reasonable opportunity was given to the school and StudyTravel to respond to this complaint whilst the student was still at the school.

12- Accuracy of information provided

Although every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained in our websites is accurate, StudyTravel does not accept any responsibility for errors or emissions. We are dependent on the information supplied to us by our schools, which are at liberty to make changes at any time. We therefore ask that you discuss with us any details which are of particular importance to you before you make your booking.

13- Insurance

We strongly recommend obtaining travel and cancellation insurance as soon as you book your course and accommodation, as this will ensure that you are covered for cancellation and other expenses. Please contact us to obtain more information. 

14- Data protection and privacy policy

In order to process your booking and to ensure that your travel arrangements run smoothly and meet your requirements we need to collect certain personal details from you. These may include, where applicable, names and addresses or credit/debit card details. If we need any other personal details, we will tell you before we obtain them from you. Your information will be used to administer and provide products and services you request and to create an individual profile for you so that we can understand and respect your preferences. We are entitled to assume you do not object to our doing any of the things mentioned above unless you tell us otherwise in writing. You are generally entitled to ask us what details of yours are being held or processed, for what purpose and to whom they may be or have been disclosed.

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