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The combination of learning a language and doing sports never has been so much fun before. With StudyTravel you can go abroad to learn Spanish, Italian, French or English and combine your intensive language course with sports. For example, you can learn English and diving in the most beautiful bays of Malta or learn Spanish and go sailing or surfing at the largest beaches of Spain. For all the other sports lovers there is the possibility to play tennis, golf, horse riding, skiing in countries like Spain, France, Italy, Malta or Chile. Choose below for the sport of your interest.


Why not combine learning languages with a diving course at the same time? The Mediterranean Sea with its warm summers and mild winters offers a fantastic climate to begin a diving course in combination with an intensive language course. You can learn Spanish in Spain, Italian in Italy, French in France or English on the island of Malta. The course exists of 4 group language lessons daily and a PADI diving course (on Malta they also offer the ‘Advanced Padi Open Water’). For more information about the course of your choice, follow the links below.

  • Italian language course and diving in Taormina
  • English language course and diving in Malta
  • Spanish language course & diving in Nerja


Are you the kind of person who likes to work on your language skills and to hit the waves overseas? Go sailing and learn Spanish at the same time in Valencia, one of Spain top destinations. Otherwise you can go sailing and improve your English in Malta. Have a look at the links below to find the combination that suits you best!


Are you ready for some adventure? With this study travel you can learn Spanish, Portuguese or French and go on surfing holidays at the same time. In San Sebastian, Cádiz and Vejer you have Spanish classes in the morning and surf classes in the afternoon. In France you will have 4 hours of French and two hours of surfing daily. And what about learning Portuguese and surfing on the coolest waves of the Atlantic? Choose below your language and destination.


Keep your condition with a tennis course and learn Spanish in Marbella. Study and enjoy the beautiful landscape, sun and beaches, while doing your favourite sport.  Please have a look at the following link to get to know more about the tennis courses.

  • Spanish language course in Spain in combination with a tennis course: Marbella.
  • Spanish language course in Spain in combination with a tennis course: Nerja.


Feel the luxury atmosphere while playing golf and having a conversation in Spanish or French with your new golf partner. For details of the courses, please follow the links mentioned below.



The French & skiing course in Annecy, consists of 20 lessons of French tuition and 2 ski trips during the weekend. It is a perfect way to combine learning French and enjoying the beautiful ski slopes of the Alpes.

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