Business language courses abroad

Today, international language skills and intercultural skills are essential in the workplace, which is why we offer business language courses abroad, specializing in business terminology and enhancing professional development. A high level of language skills are often required, especially if you work in an international environment or if you would like to work abroad. With our business language courses abroad you can improve your communication skills in various professional, entrepreneurial and commercial areas. Find out in which languages and destinations we offer business courses, what content and modules these courses include and why you should take part in a business language course abroad.

Content of business language courses abroad

Our business language courses abroad aim to improve your language skills in the work environment by learning grammar and vocabulary related to the business world. The courses combine a general intensive course with focus on business language, with a particular focus on communication and intercultural exchange in different professional situations. The content of the course is tailored to and aimed at students with good communication skills who want to deepen their self-confidence in speaking.

Modules of business language courses abroad

Depending on which destination you choose for your business language course abroad, the course can consist of different modules with different focuses. Examples of topics in your course include marketing, finance, management and leadership, negotiations, business travel and social inclusion in the workplace, meetings, intercultural communication and training or job interview and resume. You will deepen your language skills on the basis of concrete professional situations, such as creating presentations, extending your writing skills in formal letters, emails, expanding your qualifications in direct conversation or by phone, and improving your listening skills in business contexts.

The international environment of business language courses abroad

During your participation in a business language course abroad, you will meet participants of different nationalities and professional backgrounds but with a similar level of language skills. The international environment allows you to make international connections, exchange ideas and, as a result, expand your intercultural skills, which nowadays is considered an essential aspect of the international labour market.

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