Language course German in Vienna


Learn German in Vienna at our partner school, ActiLingua. Founded in 1988, ActiLingua and has gained an excellent reputation as a language school with a successful range of courses, an ideal learning environment and modern teaching equipment. The school offers top standards of language tuition combined with an attractive leisure programme.

Important features of our partner German school in Vienna:

  • Accredited by IALC
  • Large mix of nationalities
  • Self study room
  • Fully equipped classrooms
  • Student lounge
  • In the school there are students of over 40 different nationalities and its main ¨rule¨ is to always speak German in all kinds of situations with the objective of supporting your German language learning
  • Minimum age: 16 years

Social Programme

As well as German language courses, the school offers a varied selection of extra-curricular activities catering for all age groups. These might include:

  • City walks
  • Special interest lectures on the topics of history, art, literature and politics, sports and excursions
  • The sporting activities consist of squash, badminton and ice skating, and snowboarding and skiing at the weekends
  • Excursions to Salzburg, Budapest and Baden, amongst others

The sports activities and excursions are not all included in the course price.

Activity programme Vienna


The intensive German course in Vienna consists of 20 weekly lessons (in a maximum class of 12) or 30 lessons (the 10 extra lessons are in a smaller group, of 8 people maximum). The classes offer large variety, centering on grammar, conversation, syntax, acquisition of vocabulary and listening skills, as well as the fundamentals of conversation and writing. Both programs include 5 extra-curricular activities 2 or 3 times per week from the weekly timetable. These include guided tours of Vienna, lectures about music, art, history, literature and Austrian architecture, commercial German, culture and civilization. Depending on the knowledge of German, lessons will take place either in the morning or in the afternoon. Students learn about their exact level on their first day of school.

Minimum age is 16 years.


The combined German course in Vienna consists of an intensive German course with an additional 10 one-to-lessons with a private native-speaking teacher. The one-to-one lessons are adapted to suit the student and there are often a variety of topics in which to study.

Minimum age is 16 years.

Commercial German

This course consists of the Intensive course (20 lessons + 5 cultural activities per week), complemented through 10 Business German lessons. This not only allows you to expand your vocabulary, but also to familiarize yourself with German business practices. This course requires a decent understanding of the German language to enter (minimum level B1). Depending on your exact level, the course may also focus on presentation skills, meetings, negotiations and how to take meeting notes.    

Minimum age is 16 years.

Teacher's Course (methodology)

The Teacher’s course of 20 lessons is aimed at German teachers who are non-native German speakers. It’s a great way to improve your German and teaching skills and at the same time increase your cultural knowledge. This core course of 20 lessons per week focussed on teaching methodology aspects can be fully funded by Erasmus+. Please contact us for more information about how to apply for this funding. Apart from the 20 lessons of teacher training, you have 5 free sessions per week focused on cultural aspect of the German civilization or other topics of interest, just as the rest of the students who participate in general German courses. A welcome dinner is included for this course. The minimum level required for this course is B2.

Minimum age is 16 years.

German & methodology

This course is designed for teachers looking to improve their language skills. The course consists of 20 lessons of general German (+ 5 free lessons focused on cultural aspect of the German civilization or other topics of interest), and 7 lessons of teaching training per week. This core course can be fully funded by Erasmus+. Please contact  us for more information. 

The minimum level required for this course is B2.

Minimum age is 16 years.

Duo Course

The German duo course in Vienna can be booked by two people travelling together if they have the same level of German. This course enables students to decide upon their objectives with a program individually suited to them, in which they can learn the aspects of the language that are of interest to them. The course consists of 20 weekly lessons, but more can be arranged by us if need be.

Minimum age is 16 years.


The individual German course in Vienna involves private classes with a native teacher. It is specially designed for those who have little time available in the country or for those who want to study a specific topic. The classes are adapted to suit the necessities and knowledge level of the student and consist of 20 weekly lessons, but you can increase the hours by contacting us.

Minimum age is 16 years.