German courses in Vienna for adults

Learn German in Vienna, the beautiful capital of Austria. A thriving cosmopolitan city, Vienna makes an ideal location to take a German course. Named as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO Vienna is renowned for its quality of living, art and culture. Although Vienna has a wonderful historic heritage, it is also one of Europe's most dynamic cities and choosing to learn German in this vibrant destination is not a decision you will regret. Leading writers of the 18th and 19th centuries became attached to the cafés’ atmosphere and were frequently seen meeting, exchanging and writing there.
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Language courses for Adults at ActiLingua

Learn German in Vienna at our partner school, ActiLingua. Founded in 1988, ActiLingua and has gained an excellent reputation as a language school with a successful range of courses, an ideal learning environment and modern teaching equipment. The school offers top standards of language tuition combined with an attractive leisure programme. read more »
Minimum age:
16 years
Max. class size:
all year round
Stay in:
Apartment, Host family, Private apartment, Residence
Course period:
1-36 weeks, 1 week from €323

Weather in Vienna

Month Max
June 23 14 8
July 25 15 9
Aug 24 15 8
Sept 20 11 7
Oct 14 7 4
Nov 7 3 2
Dec 3 -1 1
Jan 1 -4 2
Feb 3 -3 3
Mar 8 1 4
Apr 15 6 6
May 19 10 8
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