Language courses abroad for families

Travelling abroad at least once a year is a must in most families; so why not combine your annual vacation with a language course at one of our many destinations worldwide? In our globalized world, communication is becoming ever more important and being able to speak a foreign language means opening doors for the future, understanding cultures and getting to know interesting people from all over the world. Children learn more easily, that is, the earlier a foreign language is learned, the better the learning outcome. So, do not miss this unique opportunity to travel with your children, refresh your language skills and to get to know the country’s culture, because there is nowhere a foreign language can be learned as well as in the country of origin!

Experience unique holidays abroad!

A language trip for families offers both adults and children a nice change from the normal beach holiday. They can travel to another exciting country and immerse themselves in its culture and lifestyle. For children, this is an exciting time, in which they can make many friends and playfully get to know the foreign language.

Our language trips abroad offer you an unforgettable experience.

Interesting language trips for all ages and skills

Our language courses are perfect for a carefree holiday. No matter if toddler, child or teenager: up to 17 years old they can participate in the program for juniors.

The courses for parents are usually taken in group with other students aged from 16-18 years old and can only be booked together with a junior course. Learn new vocabulary and improve your skills by writing, reading, and listening.

Our language school in London offers the unique opportunity to book a holiday for parents without lessons, meaning you can travel with your child, and while the kids learn English, you can explore the city in peace.

The teachers who take care of the children are carefully selected by the language schools and will stay with them during lessons, meals and activities so that parents can enjoy a relaxed language course. Classes usually take place in the morning, leaving enough time for the family to explore the city in the afternoon.

Fun activities for children and teenagers

After the language lessons, many of our language schools offer an optional fun program for children and teens. In the meantime, parents can take a relaxed look at the city and enjoy their time together. The activities usually consist of sports such as golf, climbing, horseback riding, football, surfing, etc.

The accommodation is carefully selected by the language schools and checked regularly. Try something new; live together in a host family! You can learn a lot about the respective culture by living with local people and, in this way, benefit from being able to apply the acquired knowledge in everyday life. Of course, we often offer the possibility to live in private apartments.

Family friendly destinations around the world

Our language courses for the whole family take place worldwide. Discover beautiful countries such as France, Ireland, England, Italy, Malta and Spain!






Further information about our quality language courses for juniors and adults abroad.

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