Learn Spanish in Spain

Spain is truly fascinating, stretching from the magnificent Pyrenees in the north, to the sun-soaked beaches in the south, there is surely something for everyone to enjoy in this passionate country. Spain’s regions differ dramatically from one another, each region has a different type of traditional music, drink, cuisine, dance and dialect to accompany each region, thus Spain offers you a very diverse culture to enjoy when you decide to learn Spanish in Spain.

When you decide to learn Spanish in Spain you will have the opportunity to enjoy the tasty traditional cuisine such as paella, churros con chocolate and of course, tapas, something which is imperative that you enjoy when you are in Spain, to fully understand and take pleasure in the Spanish culture. These are definitely best washed down with a nice cold glass or “jarra” of Sangria, especially whilst sitting on a golden beach watching the sun go down.  Moreover, when in Spain you must take in a delightful flamenco show, where you will see the fiery passion and heart which these dancers have for their traditional dance, it is definitely a perfect way to embrace the Spanish culture and feel the Spanish passion. Without a doubt, no matter which region you decide to learn Spanish in, you will find the Spanish spirit which encompasses a passion for life, food, drink and a fiesta!


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"I had the best summer ever!"

Cathy, Valencia