Learn Spanish in Santiago de Compostela

The holy Galician city of Santiago de Compostela located in the far north west of Spain is a popular destination for both study and for an appreciation of history. The city is medium in size with a population of just under 100,000 inhabitants and in 2000 it was named the “European City of Culture” for that year. The primary attraction is the history associated with the city, which dates back to the 4th Century and is the ending point of the “el Camino de Santiago” pilgrimage.  Besides being a holy city, Santiago de Compostela is fascinating in many other ways.
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Language courses for Adults at Iria Flavia

Our partner Spanish school in Santiago de Compostela, Iria Flavia, is located in a historic building close to the cathedral and the city centre. The school ensures personalised attention for all its Spanish language students, as it is small in size. read more »
Minimum age:
17 years
Max. class size:
all year round
Stay in:
Host family, Residence
Course period:
1-24 weeks, 1 week from €230

Weather in Santiago de Compostela

Month Max
May 18 11 7
June 20 13 7
July 22 15 9
Aug 23 15 8
Sept 22 14 6
Oct 19 12 5
Nov 15 9 4
Dec 13 8 3
Jan 13 7 3
Feb 13 7 4
Mar 15 8 5
Apr 16 9 6
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