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A Gap Year or Career Break is becoming more and more common as people want to discover the world they live in. Travelling is an essential part of this, but to make the time even more constructive then learning a language will give you some great added advantage. Below a list of numerous possibilities!


South AmericaDiscover and uncover South America

"Immerse yourself in latin culture by travelling from country to country. What you learn is what you practise ..."

Central America“Livin la vida loca” in Central America"

"Learn Spanish on a structured course in each country and absorb a unique culture on a gap year travel ..."


USAEast to West Coast in the USA 

USA is an extremely culturally diverse cosmopolitan nation that welcomes people from all over the world. To travel and learn English here is a once in a life time opportunity...


FranceBon Voyage on French speaking trip 

" Vous adorez la France? This unique gap year experience offers opportunities to work in France, travel France and learn French ..."

ItalyUncover Ancient Rome and Italy 

 "Open your mind to the cradle of civilisation, culture and diversity with a learn Italian Gap Year ..."

SpainFrom city to city in Spain 

"Take a long duration course to study Spanish during a Gap Year Abroad will you get you everthing you want out of a travel year abroad ..."

LondonExplore, Travel and Tour England and Ireland

 "Learn English and prepare yourself for university, for work or simply for the future. The UK and Ireland offer everything ...."

australia & NZDown Under in Australia and New Zealand

 "Do something different, learn English, travel and go down under. This can be part of a world tour and is ideal for an adventure ..."

AfricaBegin in the Rainbow Nation of South Africa 

 "Known as the world in one country, taking your first stop at the language school in Capetown will be the beginning of an exciting journey ... "

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"I had the best summer ever!"

Cathy, Valencia