Explore, Travel and Tour England and Ireland

There is no better way to learn English than by studying in the country where it is spoken. StudyTravel has nine language schools in England and Ireland that will offer you a fantastic opportunity to fully develop your spoken English.

Travelling across the country will give you more opportunities to make friends, understand the history and experience different ways of life. You will realise that city life in London is very different to the coastal towns of Brighton and Bournemouth, while the historic university towns of Cambridge and Oxford emphasis the student lifestyle and are great places to meet people with similar intellectual interests. See here for more information about all the destinations StudyTravel offers in the UK.

We also have destinations in Ireland. Cork and Dublin are very popular with our clients because the culture of dance, drink, food and music is very different from the rest of Europe. As a gap year this will certainly be a great opportunity to develop your English and an interesting experience to meet new people.

This program is available all year round and if you have further questions then please write to one of our Gap Year advisors by sending an email to info@studytravel.com for a free quote.

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