“Livin la vida loca”

Central America or the Caribbean

To learn Spanish abroad in the exotic countries of Central America is for certain an experience of a life time. StudyTravel have language schools in Costa Rica, Panama, Cuba, Dominican Republic and Mexico that offer the perfect opportunity to learn Spanish in paradise. Moreover, the countries are rich in history with many traditions. Our language schools offer cultural excursions where you can really experience the combination of modern life mixed with history and tradition. For example, San Jose demonstrates the bustling commerce of Costa Rica and Playa del Carmen offers a fantastic sandy beach with the clear turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea to end your learning Spanish tour in tranquillity.

StudyTravel furthermore offers Spanish courses in Cuba, a wonderful Carribean island which is as wonderful destination to end your gap year travel experience. If you are starting in Central America then this will be the perfect way to end your excursion because Cuba is a fascinating country in terms of politics, society and culture, and of course not forgetting the beautiful Caribbean beaches.

This gap year program will certainly be the “livin la vida loca” of a life time. Courses are available all year round and if you have further questions then please write to one of our Gap Year advisors by sending an email to info@studytravel.com for a free quote.

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"I had the best summer ever!"

Cathy, Valencia