Learn Spanish in Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is situated on the Caribbean island of Hispaniola and has become a major tourist destination due to its pristine white sandy beaches and clear turquoise waters. The Dominican Republic makes an ideal place to learn Spanish if you would like to soak up some rays and relax on a tropical beach outside of your Spanish classes. The Dominican Republic has a very distinct and interesting culture as it is a blend of Spanish, indigenous Taíno, European and African cultures. These blends are reflected very much so in the many carnivals which are held in the Dominican Republic. Watching these carnivals is not only a great way to understand the Dominican way of life but also the historical culture and the patriotic passion and pride which the natives have for their country.

When you learn Spanish in the Dominican Republic you will be able to see with your own eyes Merengue dancing, a lively fast paced type of music and dance which was invented in this beautiful country. This type of dance surely reflects the personalities of the locals, lively and fun! The Dominican Republic is famous for its Meringue music and its distinctive beat will almost surely be the soundtrack to your Spanish course! If you choose to learn Spanish in the Dominican Republic you will find that the island has a vibrant atmosphere which is especially notable in its people’s love of music and dance, which has a definite African influence.

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