Uncover Ancient Rome and Italy

Italy is the foundation and heart of European culture that boasts an amazing history stretching over 2000 years. The Italian romantic language originates from Latin which is the basis of many European languages. Italian is popular for this reason and much more. Furthermore, for the back packer it is essential to learn Italian because you will often find that many people cannot speak English which makes an intensive language course that much more essential. StudyTravel offer twelve language schools across Italy in every important city in Italy, such as:

A gap year in Italy with StudyTravel will offer you everything imaginable including extra programs incorporating Italian food and wine, culture and sport.

StudyTravel also want this to be a fun and exciting experience for you in order to meet the people of Italy and to get the most out of your gap year. After all that is what a gap year should be and by learning a language at the same time then you are enhancing your prospects for the future, which can only be a good thing!

This program is available all year round and if you have further questions then please write to one of our Gap Year advisors by sending an email to info@studytravel.com for a free quote.

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"I had the best summer ever!"

Cathy, Valencia