Bon Voyage on French speaking trip!

France is a country that has everything you would ever want to see. There are fantastic beaches, more monuments than any other country and splendid scenery from the mountains. If you chose a gap year in France you will not be disappointed.

Arriving at the city of Paris you will soon understand why it is the most visited city in the world with many monuments, superb food and fashion that provides the best shopping experience. The capital is a great place to start your tour of the country and our language school is situated in the centre of the city, which makes life that much more convenient.

Adventuring away from Paris to other language schools will certainly improve your language skills. StudyTravel have many schools situated all over France with many different programs to coincide with your needs. At the end of your gap year, you will have a better understanding of this wonderful country and have met many new people.

This program is available all year round and if you have further questions then please write to one of our Gap Year advisors by sending an email to info@studytravel.comfor a free quote.

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"I had the best summer ever!"

Cathy, Valencia

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