Learn Spanish in Peru

Peru, the land of gold and sun worshiping Inca's, formed in the 16th Century Europe's most important Treasury and has always been the home port of the great empire of America. Since that time, the fabulous wealth of the Inca's has influenced the imagination of everyone, although the appeal of Peru also comes from their interesting attractions and the beauty of its landscapes. Peru’s colourful flora and its multifarious fauna are unique and make the country also through its population very interesting.
The ancient ruins give you an idea of how everything began. Although the Spanish conquerors ripped the Inca Empire brutally into pieces, the ancient culture survived. About half of Peru's 23 million inhabitants are real Indians and live in mountain villages in the area. They still speak the language of their ancestors, which is Quechua or Aymara. And also many of their habits, traditions and beliefs originate from the Andean inhabitants and Spanish conquistadors. With a language travel to Peru you get the change to meet a totally new environment and come across with the amazing indigenous population!
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