Learn Spanish in Cusco

Learn Spanish in Cusco has it all: art, mystery, history and beauty united. Cusco is a special destination to learn a language: with beautiful streets and squares, Inca monuments and elegant colonial constructions. Cusco is very well connected and you can travel safely and easily to the most important places of the ancient Inca Empire: Puno and Lake Titicaca, the Peruvian Amazon, the beautiful colonial city of Arequipa and last but not least, the impressive Lost City of the Incas, the ruins of Machu Picchu.

Cusco is situated at 3.400 meters above sea level, and is surrounded by mountains and valleys. It has a population of 350,000 inhabitants and makes a perfect base to learn Spanish in Cusco and explore the grandeur of the Andes, famous Inca ruins and the magical Lost City of Machu Picchu.
The city was founded around 1100 AD. After the conquest, the Spanish built their colonial churches and houses on top of the Inca foundations and this fascinating mix of architectural styles can still be found in the city.

Cusco is a World Heritage City. It is fun to go exploring the narrow colonial streets; almost every street has remains of Inca walls, arches and doorways. Within a few blocks of the Plaza de Armas, the central square, Cusco remains very much a city of indigenous people and the markets are filled with the bright colours of mantas (blankets). When you learn Spanish in Cusco you will be confident to go out, explore and discover the magic of Cusco
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Language courses for Adults at Amauta

The school is located in a beautiful, recently renovated colonial building on Calle San Agustin, next to the well-known hotels Marriot y Novotel. It is located only two blocks away from the famous Plaza de Armas of Cusco. The school occupies the first and second floor where there are a total of seven big and brightly-lit classrooms. Many of them have the traditional blue balconies unique to Cusco that overlook San Augustin Street and the beautiful cupola of the Santo Domingo Church. In addition to our larger classrooms, there are also smaller spaces for individual and private classes. Some of the classrooms are located downstairs along the sunny courtyard where the administrative offices, the head of studies office, the volunteer coordinator's office and teachers room are also found. The immense staircase up to the second floor leads to the rest of the classrooms. The second floor also contains a large room with a beautiful high ceiling for meetings and student activities, as well as big common spaces with a cafe that overlooks the courtyard.     read more »
Minimum age:
18 years
Max. class size:
all year round
Stay in:
Host family
Course period:
1-12 weeks, 1 week from €177

Weather in Cusco

Month Max
May 20 3 8
June 19 1 8
July 19 0 8
Aug 20 2 8
Sept 20 4 7
Oct 21 6 6
Nov 21 6 7
Dec 21 7 5
Jan 19 7 5
Feb 19 7 4
Mar 19 6 6
Apr 20 5 7
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