Language course Italian in Siena

Societa Dante Alighieri

Our partner school Societa Dante Alighieri is located in a recently restored historical building right in the city center of Siena. 

Key features of our partner Italian school in Siena:

  • School accredited by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • 25 air-conditioned classrooms
  • Intensive courses start each Monday, with fixed start dates for beginners and open commencement for all other levels
  • Computer room with free WIFI access
  • Study room
  • Library with audiovisual material
  • Student cafeteria
  • Minimum age: 18 years

Social Programme

In addition to the Italian language courses on offer, the institute regularly organises extra curricular activites, which include:

  • Excursions through Sienna and Tuscany
  • Wine and cheese tasting
  • Films
  • Lectures on Italian culture
  • Cycling


The intensive course is designed for those students who, while they learn Italian in Sienna wish to have as much free time as possible outside to absorb the Italian culture. This course consists of 20 lessons per week in a group of maximum 12 students (1 lesson = 50 minutes). During this course you will improve all aspects of the language such as, gramatic, vocabulary, writing, reading and especially your communicational skills.

Minimum age is 18 years.


This course is designed for those who wish to make the very most of the opportunity to learn a foreign language. It consists, like the intensive course, of 20 group lesson hours per week, but in the afternoon it offers 4 or 8 extra hours of individual lessons per week.

This course is suited for those students who wish to study intensively and on specific topics but have little time available: the minimum duration of the course is 1 week. In the individual lessons students can choose to specialise in a particular area of the language, e.g. business Italian, Italian for journalism or politics, literature, conversation, history of art, etc.

The advantage of the individual lessons is that they are tailored to the specific requirements of the student, and therefore the pace and content of the lessons are adapted according to the individual so that he or she may learn in a relaxed atmosphere with the undivided attention of the teacher.

Minimum age is 18 years.

Teacher course

In the teachers course teachers of the Italian language can refresh their language skills and improve their didactic qualities. Together with other teachers they can gather new ideas for their lessons and pep up their Italian classes for their students but also for themselves. In groups of maximum 12 participants (10 on average) they have 28 lessons per week, consisting of 20 lessons of General Italian (the regular intensive course) +  8 individual lessons dedicated to teaching didactics.

Minimum age is 18 years.

Italian & Cookery

The Italian cookery course is designed for people who wish to take a practical course in a relaxed atmosphere while staying in the beautiful city of Siena, and is an addition to the intensive course. You will learn how to prepare a selection of versatile Italian dishes with confidence, and will gain a greater understanding of how to select and use basic Italian ingredients such as olive oil and spices - skills which you will be able to use at home to impress friends and family! There is a maximum of 12 students per group. You will participate in two cooking sessions per week.

Minimum age is 18 years.

Italian & Culture

Traditionally, the school in Sienna offers courses based on the Italian, and above all, Sienese culture. The Italian & Culture course consists of the intensive course of 20 lessons plus 4 lessons on Italian culture. Each culture lesson consists of a theme (art, history, liteurature, opera, etc.) that will be explored in the classroom and guided tours and appointments outside of the school.

Minimum age is 18 years.

Siena Magnifica

The world is slowly becoming smaller and more accessible, and its travellers and explorers are no longer young men off to seek their fortune in the wilderness of the unknown. Nowadays study abroad is no longer restricted to university students looking for a gap year of new experiences. The world has opened its doors and windows to everyone and anyone who wishes to visit, and this is how the school in Siena was hit by the inspiration that created the Siena Magnifica courses.

This course is designed for those who wish to combine Italian language lessons with fun and varied cultural activities as well as cooking sessions. This way, you not only improve your Italian, but also the secrets of its cuisine, history and art of Siena are unveiled. This course consists of 20 lessons per week of Italian language and 4 cultural lessons per week. Furthermore you will attend a wine tasting, two cooking sessions per week and one museum. This program can be attended for one or two weeks and welcomes participants of all ages. It will meet a high success with whom wish to explore and be fully immersed in the Italian/Sienese life. If you take the two weeks course, it includes a half day excursion.

Minimum age is 18 years.