Chinese language course in Taiwan

Interested in enrolling in a Chinese language course in Taiwan? You can do so at an international language school! The Chinese language is incredibly important and offers numerous opportunities for those who master it.

The benefits of mastering the Chinese language 

There are numerous motivations for deciding to enroll in a Chinese language course. Think about the potential in the business world and the advantages it could bring to your career. China ranks among the world's largest economies, and becoming proficient in the Chinese language enhances your capacity to engage effectively with local associates, customers, and peers throughout your Chinese language studies. Being fluent in the language can undoubtedly distinguish you from others. Moreover, remember the aspect of personal growth. Acquiring proficiency in the Chinese language presents a challenge, but it also enhances a range of skills and boost your confidence!

Why take a Chinees language course in Taiwan? 

Taiwan, located in the East China Sea, is an island that strikes a perfect balance between nature, culture, and modern technology. Whether you're exploring bustling cities, admiring breathtaking landscapes, or savoring local cuisine, Taiwan offers an unforgettable experience for your language course Chinese.

Language course Chinese in the capital, Taipei 

The capital, Taipei, is a vibrant metropolis with a skyline dominated by modern skyscrapers, including the iconic Taipei 101. This city reflects the dynamic character of the island, with its busy streets, lively markets, and an abundance of local food. Taipei is the best destination for a language course Chinese at an international language school.

Various options for a language course Chinese in Taiwan 

Learning the Chinese language is not difficult at all when you take a language course in Taiwan! The course is suitable for students aged 18 and up and is available for both beginners and students who already speak (some) Chinese. All aspects of the language are covered during your language course Chinese, but the focus is mainly on speaking (70% of the lessons). Chinese courses can be booked for as short as one week up to a whole trimester or gap year.

Discover Taiwan during your language course Chinese 

After your class, there's plenty of time to explore the island. Taiwan is rich in culture and history, but what sets it apart is its abundance of stunning natural beauty. Taroko National Park, with its impressive gorges and steep cliffs, offers breathtaking views. Sun Moon Lake, surrounded by green mountains, is an oasis of tranquility. Taiwan also boasts a variety of hot springs, such as those in Beitou.

What are you waiting for? Enroll in a language course Chinese and discover all that Taiwan has to offer!

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