Study Spanish in Oaxaca

Study Spanish in Oaxaca, one of Mexico's most beautiful cities. Oaxaca is a colonial city situated in Oaxaca State, which boasts over 250 km of stunning beaches and a wonderful climate all year round. Oaxaca is a city of ethnic, cultural and historic richness, and is at the heart of an area which products some of Mexico's finest art and crafts. If you choose to study Spanish in Oaxaca you will be able to experience first hand the indigenous traditions that act as inspiration to the many artists and artisans who have been attracted to the region. This unique spirit makes Oaxaca an ideal place to experience the beauty and vibrancy of Mexico and its people. Oaxaca's appreciation for ancestral traditions and colonial architecture has earned the city a UNESCO declaration of special interest. The colonial city dates back to 1532 and Oaxaca's historic centre is laid out in traditional Spanish style with a grid of streets surrounding the city's pretty central square, El Zócalo. Within El Zócalo you will find some of Oaxaca's most important buildings. Historical buildings of interest include the Cathedral of Oaxaca, the San Augustin church, the Governor’s palace and the numerous top-class museums on offer when you study Spanish in Oaxaca.

Study Spanish at an International Language School in Oaxaca
We offer you the chance to study Spanish in Solexico our fantastic language school in Oaxaca. The beautiful resort of Oaxaca and the language school attracts a large number of people from all over the world who come to study Spanish in Oaxaca. When you decide to study Spanish in Oaxaca with our language schools you will be spoilt for choice with the fantastic range of courses we have on offer. We also have a range of fantastic excursions, sports, activities and programmes for you to enjoy when you decide to study Spanish in Oaxaca with our language school. Furthermore, you will most definitely fall in love with the stunning sights and pleasant atmosphere which Oaxaca has on offer all year round.
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Language courses for Adults at Don Quijote

Learn Spanish in Oaxaca at our partner Spanish school, Don Quijote. The school provides students with the opportunity to learn Spanish whilst being immersed in Mexican culture. Don Quijote's staff of Mexican Spanish teachers, provide effective teaching methods to help student’s to really maximise their learning capabilities during their Spanish course in Oaxaca.  read more »
Minimum age:
16 years
all year round

Weather in Oaxaca

Month Max
Apr 32 22 9
May 32 23 8
June 33 24 7
July 33 24 7
Aug 33 24 7
Sept 32 24 7
Oct 32 24 8
Nov 32 18 9
Dec 32 17 8
Jan 31 21 9
Feb 31 21 9
Mar 31 21 9
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