Learn Korean in South Korea

There’s no better way to learn Korean abroad than to follow a language course in South-Korea. With it’s diversity South-Korea is an amazing place to explore while you learn the Korean language. There are two different locations in South-Korea to follow a language course.

Learning Korean in Seoul

The capital of South Korea is so full of life and endless opportunities that it makes sense to learn Korean there. This energetic and vibrant city is sometimes called “a city of villages” because of all the different areas it has to offer. Every subway stop adds a new dimension to Seoul; from experiencing the alternative music scene in Hongdae to the diverse shopping streets of Myeongdong to the fashion madness of Gangnam, Seoul has something to offer for everyone! Of course the famous ancient palaces and cultural sites in- or near Seoul also have to be visited while learning Korean in Seoul.

The language school in Seoul

Learning Korean in Seoul means that you will follow a language course on our Korean partnerschool in Seoul. The school is located at just a few steps away from Gangnam Station, in the middle of this well-known fashion and entertainment disctrict. The high school building offers students a rooftop garden area as a quiet place to relax and escape the bustle of the city below.

Learning Korean in Busan

Looking more a more holiday-city vibe? Than Busan is the place for you! It offers a completely different experience from Seoul. Busan is South Korea’s second largest city and is famous for it’s beautiful beaches and dynamic student environment, which is also why Busan’s night life is thriving! The city is also a paradise for nature-lovers, as one of Asia’s finest beaches is just minutes away from downtown and the surrounding natural landscapes and scenic mountains and cliffs to the north are easy to reach from Busan.

The language school in Busan

When you have decided to learn Korean in Busan, you will follow a language course at our Korean partnerschool in Busan. The school is located in one of the landmark towers of Busan, in the middle of the thriving student area of Seomyeon! The school is well connected with the most important attractions of Busan.

Want to learn more about the language courses in Korea? Please contact us for more information or explore the website for all language courses abroad.

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