Learning Korean in Busan

Learning Korean in Busan means learning Korean in the biggest port-city of South Korea. Busan is the perfect choice for students who think Seoul is too busy. Still a big city, Busan offers a more relaxed vibe which is why many Korean locals choose Busan as their holiday-destination. the city is famous for it's lively food scene, thriving student live and stunning beaches and surrounding nature.

Learning Korean at an international language school in Busan

When you have decided to go to Busan to learn Korean, you can choose a Korean language school at our partnerschool Lexis Korea. The school offers Korean courses for students from all over the world! The school is located in the middle of Busan’s booming student area of Seomyeon and well connected with famous attractions of Busan such as Haendae and Gwangalli beaches. The school area itself has plenty to offer as well and is famous for the many cafés, bars and restaurants.

Different ways to learn Korean in Busan

The school in Busan offers different language courses, for everyone's needs. From semi-intensive Korean learning to a more intensive option, in a group or (semi)individual; everything's possible. Some students will learn Korean only for a few weeks, while others follow a Korean language course for 6 months to a year. Whatever you decide, it's up to you! The group courses offer standard Korean and extra options such as Korean culture, Korean kitchen, business Korean or K-pop.

Learning Korean by experiencing Busan

Learning a language means more than just following a language course. There's no better way to learn Korean than by experiencing the Korean culture! The language school in Korea offers many cultural activities and excursions, which is the best opportunity to get to know your fellow students and to experience Busan and the surrounding area's. Examples of activities are visits to cultural sites, Korean movie nights, Korean dance class, museums and many more.

Staying with Korean locals while studying in Busan

Another way of experiencing Korean culture, is by staying with a local host family. While you learn Korean in Busan, StudyTravel offers you the opportunity to stay with a local host family. This way, you get to see how Korean locals live their daily life and experience their hospitality for which Koreans are well known for. There is also no better way to enjoy some amazing home-cooked Korean meals!

For students who prefer to live with other international students or on their own, there are other accommodation options available.

Want to learn more about the language courses in Korea? Please contact us for more information or explore the website for all language courses abroad.

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The school in Busan, Lexis Korea, is located in the heart of the city, in the lively student area of Seomyeon. There are many cafés, restaurants, shops and other facilities nearby. The school is located in one of the landmark towers of Busan and offers a modern and innovative school environment for students to make most of their study in Busan. The school is connected to most important attractions of Busan such as Haendae and Gwangalli beaches. read more »
Minimum age:
16 years
Max. class size:
all year round
Stay in:
Host family, Private apartment
Course period:
1-40 weeks, 1 week from €326
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