Language course Korean in Seoul

Lexis Korea

Our partnerschool Lexis Korea in Seoul is located at just a few steps away from Gangnam Station, in the heart of one of Asia's best known fashion and entertainment districts. There are endless restaurants, bars, cafés and shops within a short walk from the school. Because of it's central location, the language school is well-connected with the rest of the city and beyond.

The school building is located in the ANY Tower building and offers 3 floors of classrooms, with views over the buzzing streets of Gangnam. There are 18 classrooms in total and there's a rooftop garden area which offers students a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle of the city below.

Social programme

The school offers many activities you can join outside of the Korean classes, which is the best way to get to know the other students and experience South Korea! The activities and excursions are organised by the school to share their Korean history, culture and tradition. There are different activities every week, such as social and cultural activities, student nights, Korean movie nights, visits to cultural attractions and museums, K-pop dance lessons and taekwondo.


The intensive Korean course is the standard group course. You can choose between 15 and 25 lessons per week. With 15 lessons per week, only the core language skills are offered; speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.

When choosing 25 lessons per week, you will receive an additional 10 skill-focussed lessons, designed to optimize language proficiency. With a range of options to select from in each of the key language skills sets, this intensive option class allows students to extend their learning experience to address key areas of interest. Examples of the different options are: conversation, job club, braking news dictation, Korean etiquette class, book club, Korean kitchen, K-Drama and K-Pop.

Minimum age is 16 years.


The one-to-one Korean course is the best option if you'd like to learn as much Korean as possible, in a short amount of time. The lessons will be customized according to your wishes and needs.

Minimum age is 16 years.