Learn English in Galway for adults (50+)

The ancient university town of Galway, nestled on Ireland's western shores, proves to be an ideal spot for students aged 50 and above to learn English! Boasting a population of around 80,000, including numerous university attendees, Galway is affectionately referred to as "The City of Tribes." For the over 50s, delving into English education in Galway promises an exceptional adventure, thanks to its vibrant ambiance. With an abundance of pubs, eateries, museums, and historic thoroughfares, Galway rightfully claims its title as the cultural hub of Ireland. This renders it an enticing destination for Golden Age students eager to learn English!

Learn English in Galway at an international language school

In Galway, you have the opportunity to learn English at the global language institution GCI, situated in a contemporary structure a mere 15-minute stroll from the downtown area. Renowned for its state-of-the-art amenities, this language school provides ample avenues for individualized support, ensuring that the English learning the over 50s in Galway is both enriching and rewarding!

Learning English and getting to know Irish culture

Apart from English instruction, the language institute offers numerous chances for the Golden Age students to immerse oneself in Irish culture. This encompasses engagement in all activities featured within the Club 50 program, primarily consisting of educational and cultural activities. Furthermore,  free time is allocated for the over 50s to explore the city at your own pace in Galway.

The best way for Club 50 students to learn English in Galway

There are diverse avenues for acquiring English proficiency in Galway. Nevertheless, the over 50s have access to a unique offering: the Club 50 course. Apart from learning the English language, this program encompasses a range of activities aimed at offering a richer understanding of Irish culture and landmarks. Tailored for adults aged 50 and above, this course is ideal for those seeking to learn English in Galway together with like-minded Golden Age students.

A comfortable stay for adults of 50+ in Galway

Selecting appropriate lodging while immersing yourself in English learning in Galway holds significance. As an over 50, contemplate residing with a (executive) host family, providing a firsthand encounter with Irish culture through involvement in the day-to-day activities of an Irish household. This facilitates direct language practice and fosters a more profound appreciation of the culture—a perfect blend! Alternatively, opting for apartment accommodation is also viable.

Explore all English language courses in Ireland for over 50s or contact us for more information about all language courses abroad.

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Language courses for Adults 50+ at GCI

Language school GCI is situated just 15 minutes walking distance from the city centre, and is situated in a modern building which enjoys views of the Atlantic Ocean. It has a professional atmosphere whilst offering personalized attention to students. read more »
Minimum age:
50 years
Max. class size:
all year round
Stay in:
Apartment, Host family
Course period:
2-2 weeks, 2 weeks from €840

Weather in Galway

Month Max
Apr 13 5 5
May 15 7 6
June 18 10 6
July 19 11 5
Aug 19 11 5
Sept 17 10 4
Oct 14 8 3
Nov 10 4 2
Dec 9 3 2
Jan 8 3 2
Feb 8 3 3
Mar 10 3 4
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