English courses in Ireland for adults (50+)

A cultural immersion, forming new friendships, engaging conversations with locals, and creating memories that last a lifetime... There are numerous reasons why the over 50s should embark on an English course abroad. And Ireland is the perfect destination for this!

Explore various destinations during an English language course

StudyTravel offers English language courses for Golden Agers in different regions of Ireland. Enjoy the pleasant climate, savor delicious local cuisine and drinks, and be enchanted by the rich culture of the country. Ireland offers a wide range of cities where adults aged 50 and over can participate in an English language course. Consider beautiful destinations such as Dublin, Galway, or Cork. Regardless of your choice, it promises to be a unique experience!

Take a special course tailored for the over 50s

Our English language courses are carefully designed to meet these needs and provide an inspiring learning environment specifically suitable for students of 50 and older. We also understand that many older individuals prefer to take an English language course alongside people of their own age. Therefore, we have developed special programs for this demographic, namely the Club 50 course. A Club 50 course always includes a comprehensive package of English lessons and a program of cultural activities. This ensures that during you learning English, you'll meet other over 50s and get the chance to learn English not only in the classroom but also during various activities in Ireland!

If you're a senior seeking an English course in Ireland without a fixed activities program, you can also consider our English courses for adults (16+). These courses are suitable for adult students and offer more flexibility to plan your own activities.

Where will you stay during the English course in Ireland?

English courses for the over 50s not only include language lessons but also accommodation. You have various options to choose from, such as shared accommodation (shared apartment or residence), a private studio for more privacy, or staying with a host family. Staying with a host family allows you to experience the language and culture up close. It's a special experience!

Is an English language course in Ireland suitable for Golden Agers?

English language courses provide the perfect opportunity for active seniors aged 50 and over who want to learn the English language, meet new people, and engage in various activities in a friendly group. Don't let your age hold you back from participating in an English language course in Ireland. Join like-minded seniors who want to experience an unforgettable journey together.

Contact us for more information about English language trips for adults aged 50+ and explore the full range of language courses abroad.

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