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Kings Education

Our partner school in Boston, Kings Education, is located in the historic area of Beacon Hill; a historical and fashionable neighborhood and within walking distance to many landmarks in Downtown Boston.
The school is located on the campus of Fisher College, which gives you the typical American campus student life. There are many facilities right on campus, such as well-equipped classrooms, a reception area, gym, sports hall, library and on-site cafeteria. 

Social programme

There are many different activities organized for students every week. These activities can vary from sports to social- and cultural activities. Here are some examples:

•    Walking tours in Boston neighborhoods 
•    On-campus event
•    Museum visits
•    Game nights
•    Movie nights
•    Crafts club
•    Outdoor sports club
•    Country parties
•    Coffee and conversation
•    Lunch with your teachers
•    Riverboat cruises

In weekends, you can go on an excursion to explore Boston and other destinations! The school can offer excursions to Newport, the beaches of Cape Cod, Niagara Falls, New York City and many more. Of course you can also decide to take yourself or your fellow students on adventures in weekends, you can easily move around with public transport or by hiring a car for the weekend.



Commercial English

Weather in Boston

Month Max
July 27 17 10
Aug 26 17 9
Sept 22 13 8
Oct 17 8 7
Nov 9 2 5
Dec 4 -4 5
Jan 2 -7 5
Feb 3 -6 6
Mar 6 -2 7
Apr 12 3 7
May 19 9 8
June 24 14 9
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