Learn English in Australia

“G´dday mate!” a saying which you should expect to hear in the morning when you learn English in Australia. If you decide to learn English in Australia you will be spoilt for choice with the exotic beaches where you can try an abundance of water sports and of course, the popular surfing! Following a day on the beach, a relaxing BBQ whilst watching the sunset is also necessary to truly fulfil the traditional Australian way of life.

Why you should learn the English language in Australia.

While learning the English language in Australia, you will be amazed at how vast the wildlife and landscape is. From deserts in the unique and outstanding Australian Outback, where you will become familiar with kangaroos, koala bears and kookaburras, to the stunning coral reef in the Great Barrier Reef. In the Great Barrier Reef, you must try snorkelling and diving in this spectacular ocean to get closer to the sea life, such as Dolphins and Green Sea Turtles, definitely an unforgettable experience when you learn English in Australia. Without a doubt, Australia can be described as a country which is as big as your imagination and choosing to learn English here is definitely not a decision you will regret!

Choose between different destinations in Australia.

In Australia we offer several destinations where you can take an English language course for adults. You can learn English in Brisbane, Melbourne, Gold Coast or Sydney. Brisbane is located near the beach and there is plenty to do. Not only are there many clubs and dining options, but also countless sights, museums, theaters, galleries and parks. Just below Brisbane is Gold Coast, a 70 kilometer long coastal strip packed with hotels, shops, restaurants, clubs and casinos. Gold Coast is all entertainment! There is also plenty to do in Melbourne during your English language course. Melbourne is the cultural capital of Australia, which means there are plenty of sights to see. A visit to the National Gallery of Victoria, the hipster district of Fitzroy and the penguins in St. Kilda is definitely worthwhile. In Sydney, the Sydney Opera House is of course the icon with the Harbor Bridge in the background. Sydney has it all: a busy harbour, botanical gardens, Bondi Beach and an endless range of restaurants and events. All cities are located on the coast; ideal for relaxing on the beach after an intensive day of lessons.

A regular day of learning English.

During a language trip to Australia you will learn to further develop your oral and written skills in English. During the English language course for adults, we work on grammar and structure. In addition, you will further improve your speaking skills. You can practice the skills you learn during your English language course by getting in touch with the locals to have a conversation with them. Ultimately you will become a real Aussie!

Who is this course suitable for?

The various English language courses in Australia are available for adults aged 16 and older. You will follow English lessons at an international language school with fellow students from all over the world. The language school will determine your level of English based on an (online) test and you will be placed in the correct class. You will learn English with other international students and make friends all over the world.

Where you will be staying during your language trip to Australia. 

It is important that you feel at home, so we will help you find a comfortable accommodation. You can choose between staying with a host family or in a shared accommodation. Staying with a host family is of course a unique opportunity to get to know the locals and learn more about Australian culture. Shared accommodation is a nice option if you prefer to stay with other international students.

Do you want to learn English in Australia? Cool, we'd love to tell you all about it! If you would like to know more about the other English language courses for adults abroad, please contact us by telephone, email or chat. We can help you choose the right destination and language course. Would you rather learn another language? Then view the complete overview of possible language courses abroad.

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