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Learning a language and the specific 'cuisine' of the country abroad!

For everybody who likes cooking and wants to learn or to improve their language skills StudyTravel offers you language courses and cookery abroad in several countries. There are cooking courses in combination with learning Spanish, French or Italian! All language and cookery courses are offered abroad in: Spain, Dominican Republic, France or Italy. Thus, if you are interested in French cookery and learning French, Italian cookery and doing an Italian course or original Spanish cookery and learning Spanish, please follow the links below and find all out about your favourite cookery, drinks and food in your preferred country.

Spanish and cookery

  • Learning Spanish and cooking Spanish in Spain

In Spain exists an original and traditional way of cooking. For example, the famous tapas and the popular dish paella. Besides the great kitchen the houses are filled with the passionate language Spanish, spoken by over 400 million people worldwide. To experience cooking in the Spanish kitchen and learning the Spanish language you can go to Malaga from 1 week of. We offer Spanish and cooking courses in Malaga.

  • Learning Spanish and cooking Spanish in the Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic it is possible to learn Spanish in combination with a cooking course Creole dinners for 3, 4, 5 or more weeks. Certainly you can taste your self-made dish and drink some delicious wine with it after cooking your dish. Click on the link below to read more information about Spanish and cooking courses in The Dominican Republic.

French and cookery

Discover France through all its taste and smell and improve your conversation skills in the French language. A language and cookery course in Antibes exists of 23 lessen and is from one week of. The course is extended with excursions like for example a wine tasting excursion. In Bordeaux there are 4 wine-related classes added to the intensive language course. We provide cookery courses in the following destinations:

Italian and cookery

Simple or elaborate, Italian cooking offers a variety of dishes to satisfy every taste. In the presented cookery classes you will learn how to prepare a selection of versatile Italian dishes, and you will learn to understand more of how to select and use basic Italian ingredients such as olive oil and spices. Back home, you will be able to use your skills to impress friends and family! The cookery course is in addition to an intensive language course Italian. You can learn the Italian language and cookery in Florence, Rome, Siena or Taormina. Follow the links below to see more information about the destination of your choice.

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