Volunteer work in Central & South America

Do you want to travel and do something good at the same time? Go to South America and do some volunteer work or an internship. As a volunteer in Costa Rica, Ecuador or Guatemala you will learn a lot and won’t be bored!

Internships and volunteer work in San José, Costa Rica
In San José, Costa Rica it is possible to do an internship and volunteer work. The volunteer work can be done in a National park, in the social sector or in a (biological or regular farm). The work in the national park varies from cleaning the cottages to teaching English to the staff of the park. Work in the social sector exists of for example taking care of older or disabled people. 
In advance you will have 2 weeks of Spanish language lessons and depending on the sort of work you will do, you will go to information and training meetings. If you are not on an intermediate level, we advise you to do the mini group course first.

Voluntary work and Job Travel in Quito, Ecuador
In Quito, Ecuador you can participate in ecological and social projects. For the ecological project the tasks are helping in preserving the rain forests from deforestation and preserving the rainforest by observing mammals, insects and birds, maintaining plants and fruit trees etc. Social volunteer work means helping street-children or homeless people. Medical projects are in hospitals or health centres.


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