The TOEFL Exam

Are you planning to study at a university in the United States, Canada, England, Ireland or Scotland? Or are you searching for a job in an English speaking country? If so, the TOEFL exam will be a very useful, if not necessary, option for you! It will help you to study or work wherever you want. StudyTravel offers you a preparation course for this exam. Depending on your level of English, you will firstly do an intensive course before starting with the preparation course. After the preparation course you will start the TOEFL exam with the security of knowing that you will end up with a high score at the end.

What is TOEFL?

TOEFL is short for Test of English as a Foreign Language and is the most widely accepted English language test in the world. It measures your ability to communicate in English in colleges and universities.
All skills which are necessary for an effective communication will be tested. Therefore, the test consists of four parts: speaking, listening, reading and writing. You can take the Internet-based Test or the Paper-based Test. The internet-based test looks like this:
- Reading skills: 60-100 minutes / 36-70 questions
- Listening skills: 60-90 minutes / 34-51 questions
- Speaking skills: 20 minutes / 6 tasks
- Writing skills: 50 minutes / 2 tasks

In every part you can get a maximum score of 30. So in total, the maximum score of the TOEFL exam  is 120. There is no minimum score in order to pass, the score is only meant to reflect the level of your skills. After the exam you will receive a certificate with your score.
A student with an average knowledge of English, usually scores an average of 52 on the TOEFL. Students which are more advanced, usually score around 105.  If you would like to improve your level from average to advanced, we advise you to take a preparation language course of 12 weeks.
The TOEFL scores remain valid for up to 2 years after the examination date. 

Why a TOEFL course?

 Many universities in English-speaking countries such as the United States and Canada require foreign students to have a certain score on the TOEFL exam. Also for jobs at cultural or government institutions a certain score is required. If your score is not sufficient or you do not have any at all, you will not be allowed to attend these institutions. The required score differs per institution. 

When and Where?

Typically, the TOEFL exam is done via the internet and it is usually offered as an Internet-based Test everywhere, there are still some places where the Paper-based exam is used. These paper-based exams are usually held on Friday or Saturday, sometimes even on a Sunday.
StudyTravel offers you the fantastic opportunity to prepare yourself for this exam in different places all around the world. Therefore, we have composed a preparation course which will help you to get the best and highest score on the test. During the preparation course for TOEFL, you will be taught what in the TOEFL will be asked. Also you will practice, with exercises, things which are similar as to those on the TOEFL exam. If you would like to do the exam right after the language course at the same place, you will need to register in advance via

Where can I do the course?
We offer you our preparation course at the following destinations:

What are the costs?

The prices of the course differ per school and destination. If you click on any of the destinations above, you are able to find the costs of these courses. The costs of the actual TOEFL exam may differ also, but normally it costs around $ 150,- to $ 185,-. These costs are not included in the course price.

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