Learn English in New York

Learn English in New York, one of the largest and most impressive cities in the world. Home a diverse mix of world culture, famous landmarks and archetecture, New York has been one of the world's major centres of finance and commerce for over 100 years. Many of New York's landmarks and neighbourhoods are known all over the globe, including the Statue of Liberty, Wall Street and the Empire State Building and a visit really is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. As New York is divided into the 5 distinctive boroughs of Queens, The Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn and Staten Island, it is best to visit them individually to discover the incredible variety on offer.
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Language courses for Adults at Embassy English

Our partner school, Embassy English, is situated in two locations in the Manhattan district. Both buildings have all of the necessary facilities for professional language courses. The school's English language teachers are always on hand to help students settle in. In class they encourage a relaxed but professional atmopshere, ensuring students get the most learning and enjoyment out of their classes as possible.  read more »
Minimum age:
16 years
all year round

Language courses for Adults at EC

Our partner school in New York, EC, is situated in an exceptional area, in the heart of Manhattan in the exclusive vibrant area of Times Square, just a few minutes walking distance from some famous breathtaking landmarks and some great shops. Furthermore, Broadway theatres, the famous 5th Avenue and the Empire State Building are among the other exceptional places which are located just a short walk from the the language school. The campus of the University of Berkeley is also just two blocks from school. read more »
Minimum age:
16 years
Max. class size:
all year round
Stay in:
Host family
Course period:
1-20 weeks, 1 week from €598

Language courses for Adults at English Outdoors

Our English language partner school, The Brooklyn School of Languages, is located just over the Brooklyn Bridge. This means the school is just one subway stop away from Manhattan. This way you'll get to live in a neighborhood of New York that has kept all its natural beauty, charm and sophistication, without any of the stress of living in such a big city. It is like living a village in one of the biggest global cities! And whenever you want to explore the rest of the city, there are plenty of public transfer options that take you right into Manhattan! read more »
Minimum age:
17 years
all year round

Weather in New York

Month Max
Dec 6 -1 5
Jan 3 -4 5
Feb 5 -3 6
Mar 10 2 7
Apr 16 7 8
May 22 12 8
June 27 17 9
July 30 20 9
Aug 29 20 9
Sept 25 16 7
Oct 19 10 7
Nov 12 5 5
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