Learn Spanish in Colombia

For quite a long time, Colombia was not really a destination for language courses abroad. It had a bad image in many ways but by now it has developed tremendously. The security has been very much improved; the economy is showing an upward trend so there are no reasons left why you should not learn Spanish in Colombia!

Travelling to Colombia is a unique experience. It is as big as France, Spain and Portugal combined; Colombia offers a huge variety of landscapes including mountains, desserts, plateaus, rain forests and tropical beaches. In addition to this impressive nature, you will also find a diverse culture: South American, African and European (in particular Spanish) influences create a unique combination. A Spanish course in Colombia will make it even easier for you to contact with these friendly people. And with their warm hospitality, they will make your language course an unforgettable event!

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"I had the best summer ever!"

Cathy, Valencia