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Spanish school in Antigua
Learn Spanish in Antigua at out our partner Spanish school, Academia de Español Sevilla. Academia de Español Sevilla is located just 3 minutes walk from the central square, the "Parque Central". Just outside the Spanish school, you will also find colourful markets.

Key features of our partner Spanish school in Guatamala:

  • The school has all the necessary facilities for teaching and learning Spanish
  • Attractive garden and terrace where students can come together for a cup of coffee
  • Enthusiastic team of teachers makes sure you will enjoy your language course and learning Spanish, with a relaxed but professional atmosphere

Social Programme

Academia de Español Sevilla organises free group activities three afternoons a week, examples include:

  • Dance and cooking lessons
  • Films
  • Excursions to Antigua or immediate surroundings
  • Sports lessons
  • Horse-riding or mountain bike tour, but excursions of this nature incur a fee


Taking a one-to-one Language course in Guatemala is a great way for the student to quickly develop their lingustic ability in a confident and professional manner. The one-to-one course is based on the student's lingustic skills and is adapted to suit their needs. Interaction is one of the most important features in the development of a language and this course is a great way of improving interactive skills.  The student can choose 20, 25 or 30 lessons per week. The one-to-one course includes all study materials and instruction in conversation, pronunciation, grammar, correspondence, idiom, vocabulary, translations and lectures on Guatemala and Central America.

Prices 2023

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Number of lessons per week:
Starting dates:  

every Monday


1 lesson = 45 minutes


Do you want to participate in volunteer work in Guatemala, then you should register for this programme (for at least 2 weeks). In social areas there are projects at schools and homes for the elderly. At a school you for example will assist teachers in their lessons, sing, read and play with the children and teach basic lessons of English or drawing. In healthcare (for example a home for the elderly) you accompany an employee in his or her daily activities, help making lunch and socialise with the elderly. It is also possible to do volunteer work in a creative area. During several workshops you will make national handwork which is sold later. Below, you will find further information on the volunteer work.

Volunteer work in Guatemala
If you not only want to learn Spanish but also want to do something for the society, your help in Guatemala is welcome! When starting the volunteer work, you have to be at an intermediate level of Spanish. A language course of 2 weeks prior to the volunteer work is obligatory. It also gives you time to get used to the way of life in Guatemala. There are several volunteer projects that are happy to use your help. However you have to be available for at least 2 weeks.

You can work at schools or nurseries and assist the teachers in their lessons. In some cases you teach the children yourself (for example English or drawing). You will also play, read and sing with them. In healthcare (for example a home for the elderly) you accompany an employee in his or her daily activities, help to make lunch and socialise with the elderly It is also possible to volunteer in a creative branch. During several workshops you will make national handwork of wood, pottery and tiles, which is sold later. Do you want to volunteer in a different line of business, please let us know and we will try to arrange this.

In general you work from 2 up to 4 hours per day. Your working hours are from 08.00 till 12.00 in the morning or from 14.00 till 18.00 in the afternoon. The projects are in Antigua or nearby (up to approximately 15-20 kilometres from) the city. There are good bus connections from Antigua. When you work outside of Antigua, public transport costs USD 3, per day at the most.

During the volunteer work you can stay in the same accommodations as during your language course. For prices please contact StudyTravel. Work experience is not necessary; enthusiasm and the willingness to work is more imporant. Do you want to teach in a certain area, then you obviously need experience. On our partner school a coordinator is present, who can answer your questions and help you during your work.

How to enroll
You can enroll by filling out the booking form for the language course and send it to StudyTravel. In an accompanying letter (in English or Spanish) you mention what kind of projects you are interested in, if you already have work experience in that area and what your reasons / goals are to do volunteer work. Make sure we receive your enrollment at the latest 4 weeks before you want to go to Guatemala. Concerning booking a flight, we advise you to enroll much earlier! As soon as your application is processed, you will receive a written affirmative from StudyTravel. We try to let you know before arrival in Antigua where you are placed and what your tasks will be. Sometimes there are several possibilities and our contacts there will discuss with you which job has your preference. In this case you will receive details about the volunteer work after your arrival in Antigua.

After arriving in Guatemala you can stay in the country for 90 days and work as a volunteer. You don´t need a special visa for volunteering in Guatemala.

Prices 2023

Click on a price for an exact price quotation and/or to book.
Prices in  €/EUR  £/GBP  $/USD

Number of lessons per week:
Starting dates:  

every Monday


1 lesson = 45 minutes

Host family

You will be placed with a wonderful Guatemalan host family that has been personally selected by the school for their warm hospitality and willingness to participate in the continuation of your Spanish studies. You will join the host family for meals and at other times when you are included in family events. All host family homes are located near the school.

Student residence

The student residences are especially well-known for great food and lots of personal attention by your Ama de la Casa (special needs are accommodated whenever possible). Students enjoy many extra benefits: The "feel" of staying in your own home, your own keys, more privacy, lots of extra attention, and the opportunity to meet other students from around the world. Although students usually practice español when they meet with other students, you'll have the opportunity to brush up on German, Japanese, French, Russian, etc. Guest houses are located very close to the school and accommodate from 8 to 14 students.

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