Learn Italian for juniors in Salerno

Salerno, situated at the shores of the the Thyrrhenian Sea only 55 Kilometer far from Neaples and 25 from the Costa de Amalfi, is an ideal destination for an Italian language course and to enjoy summer holidays. Thanks to its great geographic location, Salerno is a fantastic vacation spot as it's possible for you to enjoy the pleasent weather within an unforgettable setting at the coast. Our partner school offers courses for juniors in two different locations: in Salerno city, with classes at the adult school, or in a seaside village called Pontecagnano, only 15 km from Salerno.
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Language courses for Juniors at Accademia Italiana Juniors

Accademia Italiana , our partner school in Salerno organizes italian course programmes for juniors aged 11-16 years. There are 2 locations students can choose from: the main school in Salerno, or in Pontecagnano, a nice seaside village, only 15 km from Salerno. The main school in Salerno city is placed in an antique italian palace with a great view of the ocean and it's also situated in the Via Roma right in the old town which offers a huge advantage if you want to discover Salerno. The hotel in Pontecagnano on the other hand, offers a private beach, a restaurant, entertainment, juniors mini club,  WIFI. It provides a very secure environment. All the activities (language lessons, leisure activities, meals and accommodation) included in the program take place in the resort and  participants stay here for the whole duration of the program under the supervision of our tutors. read more »
Minimum age:
14 years
Max. class size:
all year round
Course period:
2-2 weeks, 2 weeks from €1980

Weather in Salerno

Month Max
Apr 18 9 7
May 22 12 8
June 26 16 9
July 29 18 10
Aug 29 18 10
Sept 26 16 8
Oct 22 12 6
Nov 17 9 4
Dec 14 6 3
Jan 12 4 4
Feb 13 5 5
Mar 15 6 5
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