Learn English in the USA for juniors

Choosing to take a course in the USA is the best option for students wanting to learn American English. The United States is a fascinating place to learn English as it is such a large multicultural nation and there is so much to explore, both culturally and geographically.

Enjoy a unique experience, get to know other students from all over the world and participate in various activities and excursions to get to know the country better.

Where are you going to follow an English language course?

The United States is known as the land of unlimited possibilities. This is particularly noticeable in the cities: everything is big, bigger, biggest. New York or San Diego is the ideal course for you if you want to learn English with juniors from all over the world.

San Diego is known for its long sandy beaches and countless recreational options, such as various water sports. That makes this city a dream destination for young people who want to learn English. Our junior programs in San Diego allow you to discover what the sunny city has to offer.

Our program in New York gives you a taste of real NYC life. The city is the classroom! Learn English in places like Bryant Park, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Industry City, Essex Market, Central Park and more.

What will you learn during the English language course?

During a language course for juniors, highly qualified teachers will help you improve the English language. You will learn to improve your speaking and writing skills and do grammar exercises to better understand sentence structure. You will also have conversations with other students to improve pronunciation and expand your vocabulary.

Intensive learning of the English language

In the United States there are courses for young people between 13 and 22 years old. During these lessons you are guaranteed to have lessons with other students of your age. Moreover, you will be placed in classes with juniors with the same interests, so you can easily make friends. Your interests are also applied to the course material and extracurricular activities organized by the school.

What activities are offered?

In addition to learning the English language, plenty of activities are also offered. This includes water sports and beach activities in San Diego and a visit to the Empire State Building and Central Park in New York.

Do you want to learn English in the United States? Or are you still unsure about English language trips for juniors? You can always contact us for more information. The complete range of language courses abroad can be found on the website.

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