Learn English in Larnaca for juniors

Have the best summer ever by combining your summer holidays with an English language course in Larnaca. Because it is in the south, you can expect good weather and lots of fun activities!

Learn English on an international campus in Larnaca

For young people, the English courses are held on a campus located in a small village outside Larnaca. The campus is actually part of a British university, which allows youngsters from all over the world to visit Larnaca during the summer with the aim of learning English. The campus is modern and well-equipped, giving you the chance to effectively learn English as easy as possible. You can use the outside spaces and sports facilities on the campus, where regularly activities are organized. Larnaca is the closest big city, so you can also go there often during your stay!

Learn English in Larnaca: the complete package for juniors

Taking an English language course in Larnaca means more than just learning a language - you'll get the whole package, including English lessons, meals, trips to other places, accommodation and tons of fun stuff to do! During the summer camp, you will learn English for 20 hours each week in an international group. You will also take three weekly trips and do different things on the campus every day. The course is structured in an interactive manner to enhance all aspects of language proficiency, including grammar, listening, reading, writing and more. It's all about having fun, learning English by communicating and making new friends so that you will have a great summer!

Staying on a campus in Cyprus

During your English language course in Cyprus, you and all other international students will be staying in the residence on the campus in Larnaca. As there will be continuous supervision throughout the activities, lessons, and overall on campus, the students can fully enjoy their time in Cyprus while their parents do not have to worry about them. Furthermore, there will be no need for travel time as everything takes place on the campus, ensuring that the students won't have to arrange anything on their own. The included meals are also served on the campus. The students will share a room with other international students, causing them to communicate in English and have a real campus experience!

Activities while learning English for juniors

Learning English in Larnaca also means participating in lots of fun and exciting activities! You can join in daily activities such as film nights with fellow students, sports activities, games and much more. The school also emphasizes the importance of exploring other places in Cyprus. Therefore, there are a number of weekly excursions, including trips to Limasol, Larnaca, a water park, and even a boat ride! You can be sure that you won't get bored during your English language course in Cyprus.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information on language courses abroad for juniors. 

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Language courses for Juniors at Bayswater Juniors

Our language school for juniors in Cyprus is located in the village of Pyla, at approximately 25 minutes from Larnaca. The school offers a special junior programme in summer, for students aged 10 – 17 years old. The programme will take place at a prestigious British University with a modern campus. Lessons and accommodation are both on the same campus, which makes it the ideal location for young students to stay. The school campus offers well-equipped classrooms, sport facilities, outdoor areas for games and activities, a canteen, café and WIFI throughout the campus. read more »
Minimum age:
10 years
Max. class size:
all year round
Course period:
1-6 weeks, 1 week from €895
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"I had the best summer ever!"

Cathy, Valencia