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Our partnerschool in Ifracombe is located in the beautiful area of Devon, South England. Ilfracombe is a stunning small coastal town and the ideal location for young students to learn English and enjoy fun activities. The family-run language school offers different English programs for young students aged 6 to 17 years old. The language school is situated in a green area in the harbor town of Ilfracombe. It’s a beautiful Victorian building with a lot of history. 

The school building offers 14 well equipped classrooms, a student room and a picnic area for students to enjoy barbecues. Many different sport facilities are nearby.

Activities and sports

The school offers different programs for all ages between 6 and 17 years old. Students will have a wide choice between different sport activities such as adventure sports, ball sports, horse riding, tennis, surfing and more! For students who are less into sports, there also is the option to book the English & Activities program with less sport-related activities. 

Apart from sports, the school offers social/cultural activities for all students, such as barbecues, karaoke nights, movie nights, talent shows, quizzes and competitions. In weekends there are day trips available to for example Exmoor National Park, Butlins Aquetic Park, Dunster Castle & Village and many more.

English & Adventure sports (11 – 17 years)

English & Horse riding (11 – 17 years)

English & Surfing (11 – 17 years)

English & Ball sports (12 – 16 years)

English & Beach volleyball (12 – 16 years)

English & Streetdance (12 – 16 years)

English & Watersports (12 – 16 years)

English & Activities (11 – 17 years)

English & Activities (6 – 10 years)

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