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St. Giles juniors

The English courses for juniors take place at our partnerschool St. Giles. The school is based in a beautiful building at only a short walk from the beach and the town centre. Eastbourne is a friendly town on the South coast and is often called the sunniest place in Britain. Because of the small town and school with a friendly and personal environment, it is the ideal location for junior students to learn English. The school building consists of 20 classrooms and has a school garden with terrace where students can meet during the breaks and after class.

Key features of our partner school in Eastbourne:

  • Small school with 20 classrooms and a personal environment
  • School garden and terrace
  • Student café
  • Student bookshop
  • Self-study room with library
  • Courses for young students aged 14 - 15
  • Students aged 16+ can participate in the adult courses

Please click here for the English courses for students aged 16+.

Intensive (14 - 15 years)

The programme consists of 28 lessons per week. The course follows a structured programme of language study which covers the fours skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. The main emphasis is on developing your confidence and fluency to communicate outside the classroom. Other subjects that will be covered are vocabulary and grammar.
For the rest of the day, you can continue your studies or plan your own free time. There are also 3 social activities per week included, which are different every season. Example activities are: ice skating, football, cinema, painting class, cream tea, Eastbourne city tour, trampoline park, fish and chips, mini-golf, a visit to Brighton and many more!

Host family

Junior students will stay in carefully selected English families, many of whom have been known by the school for 10 years or more. Staying with a host family is the best way to experience the English language and culture and practice English outside of class.

Students stay in single rooms, half board or full board included. In peak season (mostly in summer) students can be expected to share a room with a student of the same gender and a different nationality. The bathroom is shared with the host family and/or other students.

Families live an average of 45 minutes from the school by public transport. Students are expected to travel to- and from the school by themselves.

Weather in Eastbourne

Month Max
May 17 8 6
June 20 12 7
July 22 14 6
Aug 21 13 6
Sept 19 11 5
Oct 14 8 3
Nov 10 5 2
Dec 7 4 1
Jan 6 2 1
Feb 7 2 2
Mar 10 3 4
Apr 13 6 5
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