Learn English in Northern Ireland

Learn English in Northern Ireland, a unique and charming country which embodies both Irish and British culture, thus making it an ideal and interesting country to learn English in. Northern Ireland has a stunning rural landscape for you to admire which is spread amongst the six beautiful counties. When you decide to learn English in Northern Ireland you will have a great selection of historic castles and locations to visit, such as the fascinating Giant’s Causeway in the North Coast, which has an interesting and mysterious folklore encompassing it. When you decide to learn English in Northern Ireland you will discover the country has a warm and friendly ambience, due to the kindness and outgoingness of the local people.

Learn English in Northern Ireland, in the dynamic capital city of Belfast. If you choose to learn English in Northern Ireland, you will be able to discover Belfast’s fantastic nightlife and cultural scene with many traditional pubs, sophisticated bars and trendy nightclubs. Furthermore, the shopping in Belfast city centre is overwhelming! There are many shopping centres and shopping complexes, including the brand new Victoria Square, which is full of high street and designer stores, restaurants, bars, cafés, a cinema and IMAX complex. Moreover, a ride on the brand new Belfast Eye allows you to have a perfect view over the beautiful city and much more! So why not take this exciting opportunity and learn English in Northern Ireland.

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