Learn English in Manchester

Manchester is the largest resident city in the central metropolitan hub of the U.K Kingdom due to its features. Manchester is well known as a vibrant city because it provides the residents and tourists great facilities: employment, business, houses and big university.The majority of people from all around the world visit Manchester due to its beauty and good facilities. Learn English in Manchester, a city which offers excellent shopping, eating and nightlife.There are also a number of fantastic events that you can enjoy whilst you learn English in Manchester.
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Language courses for Adults at The Essential English Centre

Our partner school in Manchester is located in a prestigious street, right in the exciting city-centre of Manchester. The school is established in a historical building and offers all the facilities you need to learn English. read more »
Minimum age:
16 years
Max. class size:
all year round
Stay in:
Host family
Course period:
1-36 weeks, 1 week from €644

Weather in Manchester

Month Max
June 18 10 6
July 19 12 5
Aug 19 12 5
Sept 17 10 4
Oct 13 7 2
Nov 9 4 1
Dec 7 2 1
Jan 5 0 1
Feb 6 1 2
Mar 8 2 3
Apr 11 4 5
May 15 7 6
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