Learn English in Edinburgh for adults (50+)

Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, boasts a population of around 500,000 residents, making it Scotland's second largest city. It is characterized by its division into two distinct areas: the historic old town, renowned for its quaint narrow streets, intimate pubs, and charming antique stores, and the modern "Georgian New Town," distinguished by its expansive shopping avenues and impressive architectural landmarks. With its wealth of history and culture, Edinburgh has earned recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Learning English at an international language school

If you are over 50s, you have the opportunity to learn English at our language school, CES. Situated within a brief 10-minute stroll from Princes Street, the bustling thoroughfare of the city, and just a 25-minute walk from the iconic Edinburgh Castle, our school provides an ideal setting. With its moderate size, the language institute comprises 12 classrooms, ensuring intimate learning environments for Club 50 students with small class capacities, accommodating a maximum of 9 students per class.

Special course for adults of 50+ in Edinburgh

If you're aged 50 or above and seeking to learn English in Edinburgh alongside peers of a similar age, the Club 50 program is tailored to meet your needs. This comprehensive course includes 20 weekly lessons, along with a curated activity schedule and an excursion exclusively for students over 50s. Engaging in this program offers you the opportunity to deepen your familiarity with both the city and your classmates while also fostering the development of your English language abilities through practical application.

A comfortable stay for the Club 50 students

When staying with a host family, you can experience Scottish culture, manners, and customs up close. It is also a good way to improve your language skills even further. A host family also provides meals (breakfast and dinner).

Discover Edinburgh while learning English

Edinburgh boasts several notable historic landmarks, including the iconic Edinburgh Castle, perched atop a hill and playing diverse roles throughout the city's history. Additionally, the significant St. Giles Cathedral resides at the heart of the city. For a glimpse into life and work during the 17th century, visitors can explore Gladstone’s Land, one of the oldest surviving houses. With its robust and dependable public transportation network, navigating Edinburgh and venturing to other Scottish cities is effortless. Renowned for its lively atmosphere and abundant attractions, Edinburgh presents an ideal destination for the over 50s seeking to learn English through language courses in Scotland.

If you would like to learn more about taking an English language course for adults of over 50s in Scotland or are interested in another English courses for adults aged 50+, please feel free to contact us. You can find the full range of language courses abroad on our website.

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Language courses for Adults 50+ at CES

Our partner school CES Edinburgh is located less than a 10-minute walk from Princes Street, the main street of the city, and a 25-minute walk from Edinburgh Castle. It's an ideal location for exploring the city. The school features 12 classrooms, a self-study area, a student lounge, and a garden. read more »
Minimum age:
50 years
Max. class size:
all year round
Stay in:
Host family
Course period:
2-2 weeks, 2 weeks from €1345

Weather in Edinburgh

Month Max
July 18 11 5
Aug 18 11 5
Sept 16 9 4
Oct 12 7 3
Nov 9 4 2
Dec 7 2 1
Jan 6 1 2
Feb 6 1 3
Mar 8 2 0
Apr 11 4 5
May 14 6 6
June 17 9 6
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