Learn English in Chester for adults (50+)

Discover the charm of learning English in Chester for the over 50s with StudyTravel! Our tailor-made language courses for adults of 50+ offer a unique opportunity for the over 50s to improve their English skills in a historical and picturesque environment.

Discover the allure of learning English in a historic English city

Chester, a charming city rich in history, offers an ideal setting for golden age students seeking to learn English. Its historic streets, renowned city walls, and stunning Gothic buildings create a captivating atmosphere perfect for over 50s looking to enhance their English skills.

Learn English at an international language school in Chester

The language programs cater specifically to over 50s, often referred to as golden age students or Club 50 students. These courses are held at the international language institute ELC situated in the heart of Chester. Drawing participants from across the globe, these classes offer a vibrant multicultural environment where you can quickly connect with fellow learners from diverse backgrounds.

Enroll in a specialized 50+ English course tailored for golden age students

If you're in the golden age bracket and seeking to learn English tailored for over 50s, look no further than the Club 50 English program in Chester. Crafted specifically for mature learners, this initiative brings together Club 50 students who prefer learning alongside peers of a similar age. Delve into comprehensive language lessons and engaging activities, ensuring a holistic learning experience that extends beyond the classroom. Immerse yourself in English language and culture as you partake in diverse cultural outings, whether strolling along historic city walls, admiring Chester Cathedral, or meandering through quaint alleyways. Chester offers a rich tapestry of experiences for those eager to enhance their English skills in a supportive and enriching environment.

Explore various lodging options for the over 50s in Chester

In Chester, a variety of lodging choices cater to the needs of the over 50s. For those eager to fully immerse themselves in English language and culture, staying with a host family presents an ideal opportunity. Chester's welcoming host families eagerly embrace guests, providing an immersive environment to learn English beyond classroom hours. Alternatively, for older adults seeking independent accommodation, Chester offers various options to suit individual preferences and needs.

Choose to learn English in Chester and get to know this unique English city, the hospitality of the local people, and connect with peers from around the world! If you want to know more about English language courses for adults 50+ in England, contact StudyTravel for personalized advice. Also for all our language courses abroad

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Language courses for Adults 50+ at ELC Chester

Our partner school in Chester was established in 1976. This medium-sized school is known for its family atmosphere with lots of personal attention and a professional team of staff. In total, the school has 3 buildings. read more »
Minimum age:
50 years
Max. class size:
all year round
Stay in:
Host family
Course period:
2-2 weeks, 2 weeks from €1264

Weather in Chester

Month Max
Apr 12 4 8
May 15 7 8
June 18 10 8
July 19 13 8
Aug 19 13 8
Sept 17 11 7
Oct 13 7 4
Nov 10 4 4
Dec 8 2 4
Jan 8 0 4
Feb 8 0 4
Mar 10 2 6
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