English language schools in Boston

Learn English in one of the language schools in Boston, a city which perfectly combines vibrancy and history. The city which sparked America’s independence, Boston is perhaps one of the USA’s most well known cities, and is unofficially known as its cultural capital. Boston is also home to one of the world’s most famous and prestigious institutions, Harvard University. The impact of international scholars who have been attracted to Boston because of its famous university has resulted in a rich cultural scene, which you will no doubt enjoy if you choose to learn English in Boston. The influence of culture upon Boston is particularly evident when you consider all the interesting variation of events the city offers; from art galleries and film festivals to Irish pubs and sports.

Language schools in Boston
We offer you the chance to study English in one of our fantastic language schools in Boston, English Language Center. Another reason which makes Boston an ideal destination in which to go to English language schools is that its accent is considered by many as one of the most favourable in the United States. If you choose to learn English in our language schools in Boston you will be able to wonder its streets which are reflective of the city’s illustrious past as a colonial and revolutionary city. You will find that Boston is particularly beautiful in spring and fall, when the city’s parks are full of blossoming trees or coppery leaves. 

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Language courses for Adults at Kings Education

Our partner school in Boston, Kings Education, is located in the historic area of Beacon Hill; a historical and fashionable neighborhood and within walking distance to many landmarks in Downtown Boston. The school is located on the campus of Fisher College, which gives you the typical American campus student life. There are many facilities right on campus, such as well-equipped classrooms, a reception area, gym, sports hall, library and on-site cafeteria.  read more »
Minimum age:
16 years
Max. class size:
all year round
Stay in:
Host family, Residence
Course period:
2-24 weeks, 2 weeks from €1065

Weather in Boston

Month Max
May 19 9 8
June 24 14 9
July 27 17 10
Aug 26 17 9
Sept 22 13 8
Oct 17 8 7
Nov 9 2 5
Dec 4 -4 5
Jan 2 -7 5
Feb 3 -6 6
Mar 6 -2 7
Apr 12 3 7
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