French language schools in Biarritz

Attend French language Schools in Biarritz, a traditional town situated in southwestern France on the Atlantic coast. Biarritz is a very appealing seaside resort popular with surfers and tourists due to its coastline and award-winning unspoilt beaches. The town has a population of a little more than 30,000 people. It was originally a quaint fishing village until the end of 19th century when Napoleon III and the empress Eugenie fell in love with the region's natural beauty, something which you will see when you go to language schools in Biarritz. The town rapidly became a fashionable, refined seaside resort bringing a prestigious clientele to the town and hence considerably developed its architecture, elegant buildings, casinos and palaces that today form the town's reputation. In 1957 the town welcomed its first surfers and today has become a renowned "surfers paradise" thanks to its long sandy beaches and mild climate all year round. As well as wonderful sandy beaches, the town has a number of historic buildings which are very appealing and well worth a visit if you choose to learn French in language schools in Biarritz. These include the Asiatica Museum which is home to a large collection of Asian artwork primarily from China and India, the Sea Museum containing sharks and seals and the Russian Orthodox Church with its famous dome. The town has a wonderful collection of bars, restaurants and cafes, many of which are right on the seafront. Biarritz also has very trendy nightlife which is popular during the summer.

Study French at an International Language School in Biarritz
We offer you the chance to study French in BLS one of the best language schools in Biarritz. The beautiful city of Biarritz and the language school attracts a large number of people from all over the world who come to learn French in language schools in Biarritz. When you decide to learn French in Biarritz with our language schools you will be spoilt for choice with the fantastic range of courses we have on offer. We also have a range of fantastic excursions, sports, activities and programmes for you to enjoy when you decide to learn French in language schools in Biarritz with our language school. Furthermore, you will most definitely fall in love with the stunning sights and pleasant atmosphere which Biarritz has on offer all year round.

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Language courses for Adults at France Langue

Learn French in Biarritz at our partner French language school, France Langue-BLS. The language school is fantastically situated in the city centre, within walking distance from the sea (10 minutes). France Langue-BLS is located in a typical Basque building from 1850 and is the ideal location to learn French. The language school is at a 5 minute walk from the lively neighborhood 'Halles' where you can find many restaurants, shops, bars and markets. read more »
Minimum age:
17 years
Max. class size:
all year round
Stay in:
Host family, Private apartment
Course period:
1-24 weeks, 1 week from €450

Language courses for Juniors at France Language Juniors

Our partner school in Biarritz, France Langue , runs a junior programme aged 14-17 combined with surf lessons or sports. Student can choose between surfing or sport activities in the afternoon. The junior centre is located in Biarritz city centre in a lively area with many shops, restaurants and other amenities. This school welcomes students from different nationalities which ensures a great international experience. Of course, this course is fully supervised by monitors. read more »
Minimum age:
15 years
Max. class size:
23/06/2024 - 16/08/2024
Stay in:
Host family
Course period:
1-6 weeks, 1 week from €1140

Weather in Biarritz

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