Italian courses abroad for adults (50+)

Are you over 50s and have you always dreamed of learning the Italian language in Italy? Then Italian language courses abroad for over 50s might be just what you're looking for!

Italian courses abroad for over 50s, what you can expect

At StudyTravel, we understand that age is no barrier to learning, which is why we offer tailored Italian courses for those over 50. Recognizing that not everyone in this age group wishes to study alongside younger students, we have crafted specialized programs exclusively for participants aged 50 and older, also known as the Golden Age students. 

Our Italian courses for over 50s provide a distinctive learning journey, fully immersing participants in both the language and culture of Italy. Learning Italian in Italy ensures daily exposure to the language, enhancing the learning experience.

Follow an Italian language course at an international language school

Specifically designed for adults aged 50 and over, our Club 50 Italian courses offer a unique opportunity to join an Italian course among over 50s with similar interests. These exclusive courses combine language instruction with cultural activities, fostering connections with fellow Golden Agers. This approach not only allows you to practice your Italian skills but also facilitates the formation of new friendships with like-minded adults of 50+ from diverse backgrounds.

Italian courses for the over 50s in Italy

The Italian courses abroad for adults aged 50+ take place in Italy. There is no better way to learn Italian than in Italy itself! There are various destinations in Italy where language courses for the over 50s are offered.

Immerse yourself in the culture during Italian courses abroad

Embarking on an Italian course in Italy promises a deep cultural immersion. Our courses offer a rich and rewarding experience, focusing not just on learning Italian, but also on delving into the vibrant Italian culture. Through participation in the cultural activities together with all other Club 50 students, you'll not only improve your Italian but also have the chance to explore Italy's captivating destinations.

Contact us for more information about language courses abroad for adults of 50+ or check out all language courses abroad on the website.

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