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A Gap Year or Career Break is becoming more and more common as people want to discover the world they live in. Travelling is an essential part of this, but to make the time even more constructive then learning a language will give you some great added advantage. ´Gappers` who have been to South America will know how important it is to speak Spanish because it is very rare to find someone that speaks English away from the big cities. Not being able to speak the language of the country causes a barrier between you and the local community and makes everyday life incredibly difficult. That is why combining a language course with your travels will essentially make things that much better, whether it is ordering in a restaurant, asking for directions on the street or furthermore blending in with the community. It is a very rewarding and fascinating experience when you can have a conversation with native speakers. The whole experience will certainly be interesting but more importantly a great deal of fun too during your learn a language and travel abroad program.

Improve Your Career
The other great advantage of learning a language is that it will improve your C.V and enhance your prospects of a better career and earnings for the future. StudyTravel has a wide selection of programs that will make your gap year a special moment with once in a life time memories. You can learn English, French, Italian or Spanish with a choice of 65 worldwide destinations and study at as many language schools as you want. There is also a selection of social and sporting activities where you can discover the culture of that country and gain life time skills. 

Our promise
By choosing StudyTravel your wishes and dreams of the perfect gap year or career break can become true. Please take your time to search through the pages to see what is best for you. If you need more help please call one of our gap year advisors!


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